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Dandruff During Pregnancy and How to Manage It

What is Dandruff? You probably have noticed white flakes speckling your best outfit as you prepare to leave for work, or maybe desperately trying not to scratch your scalp in public places. Yes, you have dandruff!​Dandruff is a skin condition of the scalp which causes itchiness and flaking of the skin. The condition as embarrassing […]

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7 Survival Tips Busy Moms Should Know

For those who are still single, especially for women, always have more spare time than those who are get married. Their budget time will be narrowed if they have newborn or children. They have to take care of their kids, do the chores, go to work, etc. which lets them cannot balance their life. The […]

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4 Shocking Impacts of Alcohol on Breastfeeding Mothers

A mother breastfeeding her baby while sipping a glass of wine is always met with disgruntled giggles and disapproving stares. Some people may even scold her for it. The concept of breastfeeding mums drinking is always a contagious one with very conflicting views. Indeed to some extent, mothers should not drink while breastfeeding, just think […]

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