7 Closely Guarded Secret Topics to Converse about with your Kids

They say that the key to understanding your kids and bonding with them is by talking to them. Most kids always find it difficult to open up to people about things that are bothering them hence to make them open up, it is important to make a habit of having daily conversations with your kid.

Topics to Converse about with your Kids

When it comes to talking to kids, most people always find it awkward. It’s not that these people don’t like their kids, they just don’t know when or where to start from. Then there are some people, though few, who are naturally gifted when it comes to starting up conversations with kids. These kinds of individuals, of which I am one of them, can engage kids in endless and happy conversations about any topic without even sweating it.

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If you are unlucky to be in the former group of people, those finding it hard to talk to kids, well, I’ve got you. It shouldn’t be hard to talk to kids in the first place since there are a lot of topics, thousands of them, which you can talk about with kids without feeling a little uncomfortable.

The best way to start a conversation with kids is to ask them questions about themselves. This will make them open up to you, and soon you will be able to have deeper and meaningful conversations as you get to know them while they get to trust you.

Below are the topics you can talk about with kids.

Personal Things

If the kid you want to talk to is not yours, then you can start by asking them personal questions. It’s important that you ask for their name first and then you can also give out your name. When you ask a kid his or her name, you will have already gained his or her attention. You can ask him about his birthday, what their best meals are and what meals they detest.

There are thousands of questions you can ask kids to make them feel free to talk about themselves. You can ask them about their favourite animals or pets. Talking about your pets with them is also good in case you have one.

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As a parent, getting to know your kid is very important. Do you even know what your kid prefers for his or her next birthday? Do you know what your kids want to be when they get older? Don't worry if you have no clue but now that you know that you don’t know, ensure that you create time to cultivate a good relationship with your kids, and the only way to do this is by engaging them in conversations that will make them tell you more about themselves.

Talking about School

If you are a parent, you can talk about school with your kids. There are a lot of things to talk about as far as school is concerned like talking about their favourite subjects, teachers or what kind of games they play at school. You can also ask them what they hate about their school.

As a non-parent who just wants to make friends with kids, you can ask them whether they ride the bus to school or how often they skip school.


Talking with your kids about what they like to do when they are free is good since you might discover their talent and help them nurture it. Kids usually look up to someone who will assist them in developing their talents.

Therefore as a parent, when you talk to your kids, make sure that you also ask them about things they love doing, like their favourite sports. They might be into football, basketball or any other sport. When they open up to you about their favourite activities, encourage them. You can also share with them what your favourite sport was when you were their age.

Discussing what to do during holidays and vacations will also fire up your conversation with the little ones. You will realize how enthusiastic they will be when you get to talk about vacations, like where they would like to go on the next vacation or what they would like to do on their next vacations.

Spiritual Things

It’s always good to have your kids grow while they know about God. I remember when I was young, about eight years old, my mother used to tell me biblical stories. We used to talk about the Bible, and I used to ask a lot of questions about God and Angels.

Parents can talk about the importance of going to church, mosque and temples as well as the importance of prayers. This will make your children grow up being morally upright.

Talking about the biblical stories of the birth and life of Jesus, as well as reading The Ten Commandments, will not only entertain them but will also help build a strong religious foundation.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

One of the problems that face young people is the drug and alcohol abuse. It’s good to talk to your kids about the effects of drug abuse right from an early age so that they grow up knowing the dangers of engaging in such acts.

Most parents might be shy to talk about such things with their kids as some may feel that it’s too early to talk about drug and alcohol abuse. I encourage parents and any other adult to feel free to talk about such issues since kids watch television a lot and might be influenced by what they watch as some movies may contain contents related to drugs.

Things to talk about include effects of drugs physically, socially and economically.


Most kids always go through some form of bullying during their childhood. It might be at school, while at play with friends or even in the house by older siblings. Talking about bullying with your kid will make them open up hence letting you know whether they are victims or not. By talking about it, the kid will be aware that it is never okay to be bullied hence they will report any incident to you or to the teachers in case they are bullied, or one of their friends is bullied.

Kids that do not have anyone to open up to will most likely suffer in silence hence as a parent or a concerned adult, talking about these issues with your kid or any another kid is important. You can start by asking them to state what’s okay and what’s overboard when it comes to easing after which you can then ask them if they have ever been bullied and what they did about it when it happened.

Body Image

Moulding a kid’s self-esteem should be done from an early age so that they will always have confidence about their physicality. You should ask them what they like about themselves that does not depend on their physical appearance.

Discussing gender roles with them will also make them appreciate their gender and not be biased towards their friends because of their gender. You can also ask them what makes it hard for them to being a boy or a girl depending on their sex.

In a nutshell, how often you as a parent or an adult communicate with your kid will affect how close you will be with them. Good communication is very important since it is one of the skills that a child will need to get ahead of this today’s world.

As a parent, creating a good environment for your kids to communicate to you anything will not only make your relationship healthy but will also help to nurture their communication skills. The more your kid would feel free to talk to you about little things, the more open and ready they will be to talk about serious or bigger issues.

Therefore, start talking to your kids straight away and don’t feel awkward or limited to topics you can converse on since I believe that this article has given you some of the conversation topics you can talk about with your kids.

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