How To Prepare Fennel Tea For Babies

Fennel is a flavourful herb that is full of natural aroma and taste. It belongs to the family of plants called Umbelifereae and is a close relative to plants such as cumin and coriander. Fennel seeds may appear similar to the seeds of spices like cumin and coriander.

What differentiates them is the taste of fennel seeds. This is because fennel seeds are much sweeter as compared to cumin seeds. When used to make tea, you will enjoy the delicious flavour of this wonderful herb. You can even use it to make fennel tea for babies.

The origin of fennel can be traced back to Middle Eastern Asia. No wonder up to today fennel is still an essential ingredient in Indian and Arab cuisines. For centuries, fennel seeds have been used as key ingredients in various cuisines from around the world. Its vast health benefits have even made its use to spread, making it one of the most unique and natural spices preferred today.

The fennel plant produces fruits from which the fennel seeds can be obtained. One of the most popular ways you could enjoy the wonderful health benefits of this marvellous herb is by using the seeds to make a delicious hot cup of tea, the fennel tea. Fennel tea is so safe and delicious that it can even be given to babies. You can let your baby enjoy the health benefits of fennel tea by preparing fennel tea for babies.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea For Babies?

You may wonder if it is safe to give your baby fennel. The answer is yes. The best way to give fennel to babies is through tea. Therefore, I am going to show you how to make fennel tea for babies, but before I do that, lets first look at the health benefits that your baby is likely to have.

Colic remedy

Colic is one of the problems that can cause a lot of discomfort to your baby. It is caused by a lot of gas being trapped in the stomach which may lead to stomach cramps that are usually painful, making the baby to cry a lot.

With its flatulence reducing properties, fennel will eliminate all the excess gas in your baby’s stomach. You can prepare fennel tea for your baby. Babies can be given fennel as early as 1 month old. If your baby is suffering from colic, then fennel tea is the best solution for eliminating colic.

Eliminating Digestive Disorder

Digestive disorders like indigestion, atonic dyspepsia and flatulence are usually common in babies. To ensure that your baby is not plagued by such, preparing fennel tea for her is one of the remedies you can offer her.

Remedy For Respiratory Diseases

Is your baby coughing? Is she suffering from disorders like asthma or bronchitis? Do you know that with a cup of fennel tea, you can make all these go away so that your baby can be free from respiratory problems?

If she is having problems with her respiration, then you can give your baby fennel tea 3 times a day for a week, and you will notice the change.

Anti-oxidant Properties

Because babies experience growth at a faster rate, they usually eat heavily and a lot. As a result of this, their bodies will release a lot of free radicals that if not eliminated, will cause damage to the surrounding cells and tissues.

To eliminate such free radicals from the body, you can give your baby fennel regularly in the form of fennel tea.

Remedy For Eye Infections

Remedy For Eye Infections

Fennel is a versatile herb. This is because it can also be used as a medicinal eyewash to relieve your baby’s eyes from infections. You can use it as an eyewash by boiling it in water without adding any more ingredients then soaking a piece of clothing once the tea is lukewarm. You can then cover your baby’s eyes and leave it for 15 minutes.

Natural Laxative

If your baby is bottle-fed most of the times, she is likely to experience stomach constipation which will make feeding difficult and cause her to cry a lot. This is as a result of bacteria from her bottle that will breed and cause the friendly bacteria inside her stomach to stop growing. Digestion will thus be hindered leading to constipation.

Preparing fennel tea for babies will thus ensure that your baby’s digestive system stays healthy by eliminating such bacteria and clearing constipation.

How You Can Prepare Fennel Tea For Babies

Before you start preparing fennel tea for babies, you will need ingredients that include:

  • 2 Ounces of fennel seed
  • Water
  • 1 Ounce of dandelion leaves
  • 1 A teaspoon of honey.


  • Boil 1 cup of water
  • Pour the hot water over the 1 ounce of dandelion leaves and the 2 ounces of fennel seed that have been freshly crushed and then put the mixture on heat for about 10 minutes so that it can steep.
  • You can then strain the mixture to obtain fennel tea after which you can add the 1 teaspoon of honey to sweeten it for the baby.

You can then serve your baby one cup of the fennel tea three times a day. Ensure that you don’t use raw honey for infants. Adding milk to your baby’s fennel tea is a good idea for a soothing treat combined with a healthy treat.

Measures You Should Take While Giving Your Child Fennel Tea

It is important that you take certain measures when giving your baby fennel tea. They include:

Avoid Giving Fennel Seeds Directly To Your Baby

The best way to give fennel to babies is by preparing fennel tea for babies. Babies cannot take fennel when they are in the form of seeds since they are at high risks of being choked. Therefore, crush the fennel seeds and make some tea, it's tea time!

Boil The Fennel Seeds In Low Heat

Since fennel contains anti-oxidant properties, boiling the seeds at a too hot temperature will make the anti-oxidants escape making the tea to lose its anti-oxidant properties. Therefore, boil these seeds in low heat, filter out the seeds, cool it down and then let your baby have some cup of tea in a relaxed way.

Watch Out For Allergic Reactions

If there is any form of allergic reactions from your baby as a result of fennel tea, then you should stop giving her the fennel tea. Symptoms like inflammation or rashes on the baby’s skin should alert you of any allergy to fennel.

Apart from the numerous health benefits that fennel tea will offer your baby, research by the American National Nutrient shows that fennel also has good nutritional content. Fennel contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals like calcium and magnesium together with vitamin A and vitamin B-6.

To get started, you can watch a video on how to prepare fennel tea for babies.


Fennel tea for babies will offer your baby a chance to benefit from all the health and nutritional benefits of fennel. To see for yourself the health benefits of fennel tea, I encourage you to try it out on your baby.

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