Intelligent Mother Semi-Annual Scholarship Program

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We are introducing our Semi-Annual Scholarship Program targeting students from various institutions all over the world. Our mission is to promote the positive human spirit among students; help students know how to handle the various challenges in life as they prepare for the future, and above all help students with some money to help them meet their financial needs as they pursue their education.

We would like students to start appreciating the importance of treating others well in the society, helping others and generally understanding the meaning of life. In line with this, we are asking you to come up with any emotional stories that can touch other people’s hearts that you have ever encountered in your life.

Your stories should be about anything in life that promotes positivity and motivates people to rise above the daily challenges they face in life and prosper. They should be stories that prove that determination, hard work, courage and being optimistic in life can have very positive results in someone’s life.

You can write about the challenges faced by mothers and fathers, paternal affection, living as a single mother, overcoming difficulties during pregnancy, how to treat others who are less fortunate in life, how to make life simpler by making the world a better place and how to overcome various difficulties in life among other topics that give people more hope and faith to keep struggling in life.

Basically, come up with stories that can emotionally touch people’s hearts by showing that everything is possible in life despite the situations you face in life. Your story should be able to evoke the human emotions and prove that everyone is destined to succeed in life. This should be regardless of the circumstances they may have faced in their daily lives as long they are determined and work hard to reach their goals.

You should express your inner feelings in the story, and the story should promote caring about other people and helping them to live a better life. Your story should support the idea that hard work, persistence, determination and being optimistic in life finally pays however long it takes.

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    Prize: The winner will receive $500 college fees
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    Deadline: The program will never end, the overall winners will be determined after every 6 months.
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    When will the competition start: 11/20/2017
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    Previous winners: This is the first time!
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    Announcement of the first winner: 05/20/2018

The scholarship program shall run for several years to come and the winners will always be announced periodically after 6 months. If he/she fails to do so with in 2 weeks, then his/her win shall be nullified, and another winner shall replace him/her. Within the 6 months, there will be some high-quality articles as decided by our Director(s) that can be published on our site.

If your story is published on our blog, then you shall get a reward of $15. The quality of both your cover letter and essay article will determine whether your story gets published on our site or not as well as winning the main prize.

Criteria for eligibility

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    Students interested in sharing their ideas and stories with others
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    You must be an above average student at school
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    You must show proof of being a student at a credible institution.
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    You must be 18 years old and above, if you are not then you need your parents’ or guardian’s permission to participate.

How to make the application

  • Write a cover letter of at least 400 words telling us more about yourself and how you are planning to use this money after winning it.
  • Write an essay article of between 1000 to 2000 words about any emotional stories about mothers and babies that you have ever come across in your life.
  • Include the following information: your county, university, college or school, full name, telephone number and email address.

How to win

These are the criteria that will be used to determine the winner

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    Originality-must be 100% original
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    Creativity-high standards of creativity
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    Grammatical accuracy-no grammatical errors
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    Quality of the essay-high quality essay that focuses on the topic

Our contact

Send us your application via:

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    Subject line: Intelligent Mother Semi-Annual Scholarship Program
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    Attach your documents

Terms and Conditions

IntelligentMother reserves all the rights to publish any of the essays received. The site will not ask for any fees or charge students to participate in our Intelligent Mother Semi-Annual Scholarship Program. Incomplete entries shall be ignored without necessarily informing the applicants. IntelligentMother shall only contact the winner, those not contacted after the deadline should regard their essays as rejected. All applications must be in English.

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