5 Simple Strategies to Teach Your Kids Math

The truth is inevitable; kids tend not to be interested in Mathematics. While there are children who are born intelligently hooked to numbers, there are still kids who lack interest. Kids turning out to be Math wizards are those highly trained by parents at home at an early age. Besides paper and pencil, there are lots of other activities to hook your kids in learning numbers the natural way.

Here are techniques for parents to teach your kids Math the easy way:

1. Begin Teaching Them How To Count

Introduce numbers to your kids by teaching them simply how to count using numbers. Make it fun to memorize numbers by counting 1-10 first over and over again. Count everything you see at home, and ask your kids how many they are. Also, give them rewards when they say the correct answer. Show them you are happy they were able to count numbers correctly.

2. Count Objects At Home Or Outside The House

Soon as your kids begin counting, that will be your cue to commence applying basic math operations such as addition or subtraction first. Everything you see at home, from coins to books, kitchen utensils, papers and appliances can be counted with your kids in a joyful manner so you won’t lose their interest. Then proceed counting outside the house, cars, trees, flowers and even butterflies! Whatever you see let your kids be enthusiastic about counting them. Make your child realize that counting does not need to involve identical objects. There should be variation depending on each category you apply.

3. You Should Be Creative In Introducing Math Games To Play

There are various games available in stores everywhere to help you in teaching simple Math to your kids. Use cards or dice or even play money to teach them to add. Board games are updated once in a while so regularly check out the stores for new fun Math games that will involve simple problem solving using addition, subtraction and even multiplication at an early age for kids. You may also be creative in creating your own home games using materials like chalks or sticks.

4. Try Baking Some Good Stuff Like Cookies Or Brownies

You may not be aware, but simple things at home like good food stuff will amaze your kids and draw them to enjoy playing Math games the simple way. Let them count a fresh batch of pastries or deduct some by eating them and let them tell you how many are left. Introducing fractions may also be a good way to use cookies. Slice them into half or ¼ and tell your kids how much fraction was eaten or taken away. You can teach them to cut them like cutting a pizza into 8 slices.

5. Use Flash Cards For Test Their Math Progress

Flash cards are useful in testing your kids with various math equations to solve simple math problems. You can evaluate your child’s progress on what you have taught your kids to learn. You can gauge their potential if you encounter equations visible through the flash cards which they can’t solve. That way, you get to review them on that aspect and be creative on letting them focus on that area where they are having difficulty solving.


If you are not careful enough about teaching your kid math early enough, your kids may find math very difficult. You need to take steps like mentioned above. If you are from Singapore, you can easily find a math tutor and leave the job to be done by the tutor. Being a super mom is all about being extra careful about every aspect of your kid’s life.

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