3 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Private School

The question of whether or not to send your child to private school is common, but the answers are often not without their own set of controversies. However, as a parent, you should only be concerned with providing the best educational environment for your children. Private schools do have some significant advantages over public school in that respect, and just in case you are still undecided about whether to send your child off to public or private school, here are three reasons that make the latter a better choice.

Better General and Individual Attention

Attention from the school staff is essential in order for young minds to not be diverted and remain focused on what is important. As there is no lack of diversions in the modern world, children of all ages most assuredly need the attention of their teachers. If for example you are looking for a good private school in Laguna Niguel, the McDowell School offers a unique program which the teachers further adapt and change according to the individual needs of every student, with the goal of keeping the school curriculum both challenging and motivating for each and every student in it.

In a public school, it is usually not possible for teachers to provide individual attention to each student, even if they want to, because of the size of each class. As private schools have much smaller classes, consisting of a manageable number of students, the students receive better attention, which goes a long way towards ensuring academic success and maintaining a healthy school environment for every student.

School-Parent Relationship

Public schools only involve the parents when it is absolutely necessary, which is often a bit too late to make any significant impact on the outcome of the event. However, a private school keeps the window of communication between parents and teachers open at all times. A good private school will try to make the education process a cooperative effort, in which the students, teachers and parents all play important roles.

Students from Private Schools Excel Better

Looking at things from a purely objective perspective, students in private school outperform those in public schools by a significant margin in almost every stage of education. For those that are wondering, this inference was drawn after taking the hard facts by NCES into account. Check out some of the highlights of their findings below to get an estimate of how much disparity really does exist between private and public schools in the US:

  • ACT Test: High schoolers from private schools scored 3.1 points more than those from public schools
  • Mathematical Tests: 4th graders and 8th graders from private schools scored 8 points and 18 points more than their counterparts in public schools respectively
  • Reading Tests: 4th and 8th grade private school students outperformed their public school counterparts by 15 points and 18 points respectively

Sending a child to private school is not a guaranteed recipe for academic success, but given the obvious benefits, advantages and pure stats, it is safe to say that the chances are significantly increased without a doubt.

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