4 Things To Look For In A Baby Circumcision Clinic In Manchester

Most circumcisions are performed during infancy or early adolescence.  It’s widely practiced in different nations around the world especially here in Manchester, UK. However, it’s important to choose a safe circumcision clinic if you want your child’s circumcision performed when he’s still a baby.

Take note of these four things to look for in a baby circumcision clinic:

1. Recommendations

If you want your baby to be circumcised, the best way to determine the clinic is to check its credibility. You can do this by reviewing online ratings and reviews of previous parents who already experienced its service. If it has a high rating, then consider it a highly recommended clinic.

You can also visit various websites of a circumcision clinic such as circumcision-manchester.co.uk to check for reviews and ratings left by previous clients on their experience. Moreover, you can ask your relatives and friends for clinics which they’ve already gone to for their baby’s circumcision. Their first-hand experience will help you know if a clinic gives a high-quality service.

2. Qualifications

One of the most vital considerations you need to look for is the doctor’s qualifications. Be sure that the doctor has the right qualification and experience required to perform baby circumcision. To check whether he is a qualified doctor, he must be able to discuss with you any risks and possible benefits when your son is circumcised. Moreover, he must also give you instructions on how to take care of your baby after the surgical procedure such as the following:

  • Gauze or Not - if a doctor has prescribed you to gauze your baby's wound use a bandage or dressing and petroleum if recommended. Apply a small dab on the tip of your baby's penis before bandaging or gauzing it. Change whenever possible.
  • Clean - always keep your baby's penis and wound clean. When washing, use warm water and avoid hard rubbing.
  • Normal or Not - be wary of what's normal symptoms after your baby's circumcision. If there are symptoms like persistent bleeding, persistent crying, or fever, immediately seek help from your doctor.
  • Healing - it takes ten days for the wound to heal completely. By this time, it won't require any extra special attention.

It’s vital to have a qualified doctor or a highly experienced surgeon to perform the circumcision so your baby will have a higher chance of avoiding complications or minor problems. Also, proper care by an experienced doctor assures you of a successful and smooth procedure.

3. Circumcision Techniques

When choosing the right baby circumcision clinic, you must check the circumcision techniques used, as well as the tools and equipment for surgery. You need to be sure if it’s sterile, clean and the proper tool is used. Checking the tools and equipment required will help you have a peace of mind for a clean and safe surgery.

Circumcision must always be performed only on a healthy infant by using proven techniques to avoid infections. The techniques appropriate for babies include the following:

The Gomco Clamp - this circumcision technique uses tools called the Gomco bell and clamp. Its clamp assists the surgical process. The bell has an extended handle, which is positioned over a hole in the base plate of the clamp during the operation. The Gomco circumcision technique is the most popular technique for baby circumcision. The circumcisions performed by using the Gomco clamp are the quickest and easiest surgical method which results in minimal bleeding.

The Mogen Clamp - this circumcision technique has the advantage of being swiftly performed. The Mogen clamp is a metal device similar to a hinge device used during the process. The Mogen clamp doesn’t need a cut in the foreskin before being placed, thereby, making this a plus. Its disadvantage is that there’s no direct protection from the glans during the process.

The Plastibell Method – this circumcision technique is used to circumcise a baby by using a plastic device. The Plastibell is a tiny plastic bell having a rim on the open side. The bell is intended to sit above the glans of the penis. Plastibells come in different sizes according to the size of the baby to be circumcised. The advantage of this device is that it can’t be reused, so possible transmission of infection is significantly prevented. Additionally, the glans are protected during the process by its ring, thereby reducing risk on any injury.

4. Effective Anaesthetic

Aside from having the right equipment in performing a circumcision, look for the correct anesthesia appropriate for babies. Anesthesia is an effective pain controller which when applied will lessen your baby’s pain during the process of circumcision. The anesthetic must be effective and safe for your baby. Ask the clinic the kind of pain control used during circumcision for babies. To make sure your baby won’t suffer from too much stress, pain and discomfort, make sure the clinic offers the most appropriate anesthesia for your baby.

Here's how anesthesia is used for your baby's circumcision:

  • Dorsal penile nerve block is considered the most effective and widely used anesthesia. It's used by injecting the anesthesia on the base tip of your baby's penis. For some, ultrasound scanning is necessary to track or guide the anesthesia for correct placement.
  • Ring block is used as after-operation analgesia. It's simple and effective in easing the pain. Ring block is also injected like the dorsal penile nerve block. But for a more effective decrease in pain, ring block and dorsal penile nerve block is recommended.
  • Tetracaine gel is used after the circumcision process and needs a 30-min application only.


The mentioned things to look for in a baby circumcision clinic in Manchester, UK must be considered for your baby’s safety.  Choosing a reputable clinic for your baby is crucial. If you select a well-reputable circumcision clinic, you’ll prevent risking your baby’s health from any complications or infections. 

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