4 Tips to Help Your Child Read More Fluently

There is more to helping your child learn how to read than you might think. If your child is currently struggling with the words on the page, then they might be struggling with fluency and reading out loud.

For your child to go up in their reading levels, they need to be able to learn holistically. This involves bringing all of the different pieces of the puzzle together so that they make sense. With this in mind, let's talk about four tips to help your child read more fluently, so they can begin to enjoy reading.

1. Place Importance on Sight Words

If you're thinking 'someone help my child read more fluently,' then you need to consider advice like this. Sight words are the foundation of learning to read, and they can make a big difference to your child's reading abilities once they've managed to master the art.

Sight words are simple, short words, otherwise known as core words. They are words that your child should be able to recognize quickly. A lot of the time, they pepper a sentence, helping your child string it to be more comprehensive. Make sure your child knows their sight words – this will help with their reading fluency.

2. Read with Your Child

While all of us want our children to be able to learn new skills by doing the task themselves, sometimes it can help if we encourage them, or even learn alongside them. When it comes to reading fluency, alternating sentences with your child can help them learn faster.

This is because your child will be able to hear how you read it, compared to how they do. Children are great imitators, so if you show them how to do it initially, they will be able to scrub up on their fluency a lot quicker.

3. Consider Echo Reading

Echo reading is a lot like reading with your child, as it helps them learn how the words sound, which will improve their reading fluency.

For example, read a paragraph or a couple of sentences out loud so that your child can hear how they’re supposed to sound. Then, ask them to repeat after you, with the same intonations. Repeat this exercise as many times as your child needs to get better at reading more fluently.

4. Try an Audiobook

Audiobooks are a great tool to use if your child is having trouble with reading fluency. This is because, just like when you read with them, they can hear how the words are being said and can follow along.

Reading with your child is still important, but try and have them listen to audiobooks when they're going off to sleep, or in the car. They will absorb the way that the words are being said, and hopefully, be able to apply it to their own reading sessions.

Helping your child with reading fluency can be difficult sometimes, especially if they’re not that confident. However, there’s no reason why they can’t get there in the end – they just need a little encouragement along the way.

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