4 Ways to Bring Disneyland Home

Are you bummed that your summer vacation to the happiest place on Earth got canceled? The stomach-turning rides, the friendly characters, the famous churros – I think we’re all missing Disneyland right now!

You may not be going to Disneyland this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the magic of California’s favorite theme park. Here are four easy ways to turn your home into “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

1. Recreate your favorite rides.

If you have space and are feeling creative, you can recreate some of the most iconic Disney rides and attractions right from your living room just like this fun-loving dad did with his simple DIY Splash Mountain ride. All you need are a seat, TV and a big heart. Then you and your kids can virtually take a voyage with Captain Jack Sparrow or join the Resistance.

2. Dress up and have a Disney dance party.

Is your daughter’s favorite thing about going to Disneyland dressing up like her favorite princess and taking a picture with her? We can’t guarantee a picture hugging Elsa or Ariel, but we can help turn your home into an enchanting Disney dance party. Order your little princess a beautiful and comfortable (and cheap too!) playtime princess dress from Presley Couture, and then turn the volume all the way up for this twirl-worthy Disney hits playlist.

3. Munch on Mickey-approved copycat Disney recipes.

Kids may go for the rides and characters, but as a fellow adult, we know the real reason you go to Disneyland every year – the treats! Since you can’t go to the Disney parks, bring the delicious park foods to your home with Disney copycat recipes. From DIY Dole Whip to Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets you can cook up mouthwatering magic right from your kitchen. Enjoy your delectable Disney treats while watching your favorite Disney movies for a night you and the kids will all remember!

4. Ignite imagination from Walt Disney’s Imagineers.

Educate your little Imagineers with Imagineering in a Box – a free online course from Walt Disney Imagineering and Khan Academy. Homeschooling may have felt like pulling teeth, but this online curriculum is every bit as fun, creative and inspiring as it is educational. Gather household items and create the next great theme park with your creative crazies as you learn from the best of the best and wait for Disneyland to reopen!

Kristi Cathey

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