5 Practical Gifts Every New Parent Will Use

When buying baby gifts, there are really only three checkboxes you need to check off. Your gift should be practical, make daily life with a baby easier and be something new parents actually want. Here’s our list of five practical and thoughtful gifts for first-time parents that check off each box.

1. Safe Sleep Aid

What’s the one thing every new parent dreams of? Getting a good night’s sleep. Offering your services as a night nurse would be immensely helpful, but you probably like your sleep too much for that. So instead, give the new parents baby sleep sacks from Ergobaby. When the baby sleeps, the parents can sleep, and a sleep sack helps make that possible. “Our ultra-soft sleep sacks provide safe comfort for babies and convenience for parents,” Amanda Chagoya, Global Category Manager for Ergobaby Sleep Products said. “They are designed to keep babies feeling warm, comfortable and secure so they can sleep soundly through the night. At the very least they can give mom and dad stretches of a few hours of peaceful sleep each night. They also come with two-way zippers for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes.”

2. Door Latch Cover

Once new parents finally get their baby to sleep, the last thing they want is a closing door to wake the little one up. Even with a white noise machine, it’s often the smallest sounds that wake a baby. New parents don’t think about stuff like that. Not only does the Cushy Closer Door Cushion allow parents to quietly enter and leave a room, but it also eliminates the need to turn the doorknob, which could rattle or make a clicking sound that wakes the baby they just spent 30 minutes putting to sleep. This door latch cover is a useful gift now and for down the road when they have a curious toddler because it also prevents kids from locking themselves inside a room.

3. No-Dirty-Fingers Diaper Cream Application

At some point, their baby will get a diaper rash. But if they’ve never had a baby, they probably haven’t thought about the dirty annoyance it is to squeeze diaper rash cream on their fingers, rub it on their baby’s bum, and then attempt to one-handedly wrestle the baby while also putting on a new diaper and re-dressing them. With the gift of a diaper rash cream stick, these new parents will never have to deal with goopy hands. It’s a no-mess, hands-free application appreciated by parents and babies.

4. Baby Clothes in Bigger Sizes

There’s nothing cuter than baby clothes. When you found out your friends or family members were expecting, you probably couldn’t wait to buy them baby clothes for their little bundle of joy. But one thing some gift-givers don’t think about is the future. Everyone wants to buy newborn-size clothes because they’re so tiny and adorable you just can’t help it.  If you want to be a more practical gift-giver, buy clothes in bigger sizes so they’ll get more use out of them. This way, new parents are prepared for every size during their baby’s first year of life. If you don’t know where to shop, check out modern organic baby clothes at Spunky Stork. Their bodysuits, shirts and rompers come in baby and toddler sizes, and they are as adorable as they are creative and colorful. You’ll have as much fun shopping for them as the new parents will have dressing their baby.

5. Quick, Healthy Meals

New parents barely have time to shower let alone plan, grocery shop and make healthy meals every day of the week. But good nutrition is important for new parents, especially new moms who are recovering from giving birth and breastfeeding. Give the gift of no-fuss meals that taste good and are good for you with a meal kit delivery service. Most companies, like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, have gift cards you can purchase. Another simple option for breakfasts and snacks is Daily Harvest. Built on fruits and vegetables, you can send the new parents a custom gift box filled with nourishing smoothies, chia bowls, oat bowls, superfood bites and/or lattes.

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