5 Signs of a Potent And Reliable CBD Vaping Oil Company

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids that can be extracted in Cannabis sativa plant, and the main ingredient of CBD oil. After extraction, the concentrated product is diluted by using either coconut oil, or the hemp oil, which is used for vaping. It has now gained popularity because of its potential in the world of health and wellness, as well as an alternative medicine.

Some scientific reports from American Journal of Epidemiology and European Journal of Pain claimed that it is potential in treating ailments like anxiety, chronic pain and even in alleviating symptoms related to cancer. Its mode of intake can either be taken orally through food or smoke. Since the concept of CBD is somehow new, standards in the process of production have not been set, so there are a lot of methods that different CBD vape oil companies employ.

 You do not want to be using adulterated oil and get ripped off, since it is not that cheap. Here are some signs that you should be aware of when checking if the CBD oil is potent:

1. How It Is Made.

As mentioned earlier, there are still regulations to be made about it in terms of manufacturing. Since the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is not yet widely accepted, there will be a lot of methods and reagents involved in the extraction process.

If the vaping oil company that produces CBD oil is not reliable, they might be using methods that make use of cheap solvents that can be harmful to our health — some of them are propane, hexane, and butane.

Some companies use high-grade ethanol, which removes toxins and unnecessary residues in the base hemp plant, while others employ superficial carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, wherein CO2 is pressurized in extreme cold condition. This technique is quite pricey but produces more refined and the best CBD oil.

Look for CBD manufacturing companies that employ these two techniques, since they are good indications that they produce high quality products, like what this site  https://trustedcbdoil.com/ is offering.

2. The Source Of The Raw Material.

In manufacturing products, the raw materials should be of high quality to ensure the quality of the resulting product. The hemp plant has a hyperaccumulating property which makes them absorb anything present in the ground.

  • Agricultural hemp grown in fertile soil will yield high-quality CBD.
  • Hemp grown on land areas with soil that contains heavy metals will result in contaminated oil that can be unsafe for humans to take.

Before buying, make a research on where the hemp they’re using came from, and if these areas are certified by the state to grow hemp. In that way, you will be confident that the CBD vaping oil you are using was produced by a reliable company.

3. CBD/ THC Ratio

Another good reason for identifying an excellent plant source of your cannabis oil is the presence and the concentration of another cannabinoid — tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the component that is responsible for the psychoactive effect response on the body. It is the reason why you get high. Both hemp and marijuana contains THC, but the former contains lower levels of the compound, making it the best source in producing CBD oil.

CBD oil can be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety and autism in children.  Choose a CBD vaping oil company that produces products with a high ratio of CBD than THC. The optimum level of THC present in a CBD oil should not exceed from 0.3%.

4. Presence Of Third-Party Laboratory Analysis

A reliable CBD vaping oil company have their products go through external quality testing by providing samples to third-party laboratories for conducting an independent analysis. Companies taking this initiative are quite confident that they produce high-quality CBD oils to ensure consumers’ satisfaction.

Research on the brand of the CBD oil that you wanted to buy and look for the laboratory results of their products — it’s either published on their website or printed together in their packaging.

5. Full Spectrum Or Whole Plant Label

Full spectrum or whole plant CBD, which uses the entire plant are said to be more effective than its isolated counterpart, which only uses a certain part of the plants.

It  ensures that there are more compounds which can be utilized, such as flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. These are believed to work well with CBD, rendering it for users to maximize the benefits of the CBD oil.


There are still more to be explored in this CBD vaping oil trend, and it will still be here to stay for a long time. Its potential is yet to be maximized and explored.

If you want to try and experience the benefits of taking it, as a consumer, you need to be cautious in choosing the best brand with the highest quality. By taking consideration of these signs, you can avoid getting ripped off and instead reaping the benefits of the product.

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