6 Adorable Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a perfect excuse to buy an expecting loved one an adorable gift. And by choosing to go with an organic gift, you'll also be helping the planet. Thankfully giving an organic gift doesn't limit your options, as there's now a wide range of suitable baby shower gifts from organic producers. To help you choose, I've compiled a list of some of the best and most adorable gift ideas.

Organic Clothing

Many children’s clothing brands now focus on organic textiles and dyes as they are safer against small children’s delicate skin due to the lack of harsh chemicals. And you know that when a company is committed to the fabric quality they use, they're committed to the overall product quality. Therefore, you know that when you’re gifting gorgeous, soft, organic baby clothes, you’re giving a top-quality gift that will last.

Cuddly Blankets

We all love having a source of comfort, and new babies are no different. Small blankets make the ideal lovies for babies to use as a comforter, at home or on the go. And with their bold colors and engaging designs, they make a wonderful gift. 

Wooden Crib Mobile

Mobiles give babies something to focus their eyes on, while the shapes and colors help with brain development. A beautiful wooden crib mobile will make a stunning addition to the baby's nursery while stimulating their development. And when you give a mobile made of wood and other natural biodegradable products, when it reaches the end of its lifespan, it won't become long-term landfill.

Swaddle Cloth

Tiny babies love to be held close, which is why swaddling works so well. An organic swaddle cloth, like organic clothing, is free of nasty chemicals that can irritate a baby. And they come in cool colors and patterns that any baby will look adorable wrapped up in. A terrific option if you have a limited shopping budget.

Mom And Baby Toiletries

A baby shower isn’t only about the imminent baby; let's be honest, it's also about celebrating Mom. As such, she deserves to be treated too; after all, it's hard work being pregnant and then having a newborn to look after. Luxury organic toiletries are the ultimate way to pamper both Mommy and baby. Try a relaxing lavender and chamomile blend to help them drift off to sleep between night feeds.

Organic Food Hamper

Those early days after the baby is born are a whirlwind, and Mom can find it hard to eat well. Make it easier for her with a hamper of delicious organic snacks so that she has something to keep up her energy levels. Or to fulfill those midnight cravings while waiting for the baby to arrive. Either way, she'll undoubtedly love you and your hamper of goodness.

With this helpful list of organic gift ideas, you can turn up at any baby shower feeling good about your gift choice. Mom, baby, and the earth will appreciate your organic, eco-friendly gift choices.

Kristi Cathey

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