6 Baby Shower Gifts On A Budget

Baby showers are to celebrate the coming of a little one in a family. This is a time to give the soon-to-be parents the essentials they will need for their new baby. Many times you may be invited to a couple of baby showers in a short period of time, which can be tough on your bank account.

Parents gift registries and wish lists can be expensive, but there are ways to save your bank. A quality gift does not always need to be expensive. A quality present that a parent needs most can be budget friendly.  A thoughtful gift, even inexpensive, will always bring smile to the mother-to-be.

1. Changing Essentials

The most practical and useful of all your possible gifts for baby showers will be the baby changing essentials. It includes diapers, bins, wet wipes and pad covers. You can decide whether to join in with others to make a group gift that includes all of the many things a baby will need. If you decide to give diapers alone to the parents, it will be fun to present the gift as a cute diaper cake.  The fun part with diaper cakes is that you can be as creative as you want. You can even make them to match the bedroom decor or shower decor.. Make sure to carefully decide the type of diapers you are going to use. There are different types of diapers like overnight and daytime. Be informed with their features before deciding.

2. Nursery Decor

If you happen to know the theme of the baby’s nursery, then gifting the parents with decorations for the room is a good idea. The fun part of this gift is that not everyone will show up with same item. Most likely you will have different items, but still decor for the room. Rugs, curtains, or wall art are good gifts. You can spell out the name of the baby with letter cutouts. They are usually inexpensive, but make good gifts because they’re custom.

3. Bathing

Babies need some quality bath products too. Must-haves include bathtub, baby soap and shampoo, towels, hairbrush, and washcloths. All-natural, gentle formulated products can be a bit more expensive. To make it look cute, just tie a ribbon to the bottle with a fancy bow. It won’t break your bank but you will have a gift that is very practical.

4. Clothing

Since we are talking about budget, clothing is a good choice. You can get get pajamas, socks, or shoes cheaply. If it’s for a girl you can add a bow to it. If it’s for a boy, don’t be afraid to get a cute hat or bow tie. Most outfits you buy should be newborn or up to six months. You want to avoid buying preemie clothes because most babies will be too big for it. You can choose Baby Girls Clothes at www.asterandoak.com.au

5. Books Or Stuff Toys

The book you choose can be a memory book for the parents to complete for their child. You can also choose story books to start their collection. If the parents are reglios, a bible for kids is a good option.

Most baby toy will make sound, be soft, or light up. These are great options because you can find many of these under $10.

6. First Aid Kit

Practical, useful and helpful. Gifting a first aid kit is actually rare to receive despite its importance. All you need to prepare for this present is a small pouch or bag to carry items such as baby q tips, band-aids, nail clipper, rash cream, thermometer, gas relief drops, nasal aspirator and even bottle cleaner. All of these items can be bought in drugstores. Every parent should have a first-aid kit.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive. All you need is a bit of practicality and creativity. Think about what the parent needs or wants and work from there.

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