6 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy This Autumn

Is it just me, or is Autumn just the best time of year? From the changing colours of nature to the crunchy leaves, comfort food, long walks in the chilly air and chunky jumpers and beautiful knits, what’s not to love?  So, what can you do to bring the beauty and gorgeousness of Autumn indoors? Well, with this quick and easy guide you can make your home extra cosy this Autumn in 6 easy steps!

Read on for a little inspiration.

1. Plants

But, wait. We’re talking about Autumn, right? Well, yes. We are. But just because your garden might be going to sleep for a few months and the trees are shedding their golden leaves, doesn’t mean you have to give up on plants until the Spring. Filling your home with beautiful indoor plants will give any room an instant lift and make everything feel fresh; something like Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are popular in indoor spaces as they’re so easy to grow. Remember, having plants indoors makes any home look loved and feel welcoming.

2. Keep It Faux

Autumn is all about comfort and warmth. So what could be better than treating your sofa (and yourself) to a gorgeous faux fur throw? Wrapping yourself up in a thick, furry blanket is the best way to spend cosy nights in! Purchase one in a chocolate or grey tone and it’ll give the room an instant burst of Autumn. Have one on the bed, or on your window seat, even an armchair. Fabulous.

3. Orange Is The New – Orange!

We have to mention this season’s hot colour: Orange! Orange is the one colour we all think of when we’re imagining the leaves changing colour and the nights drawing in. It’s a lively, energetic colour that’s welcoming and happy. So having it in your home is a must! Keeping it in small doses of course, consider a small feature wall in the kitchen, or even the hallway so you get a welcoming pop of colour every time you come home.

4. Keep It Warm

Having a warm and toasty home over the cooler months is exactly what you need to take your home to the next level of comfort. No one wants to sit in a freezing cold living room on a rainy afternoon! So make sure your boiler and radiators have been properly maintained and are working correctly before it gets a bit chilly. If you have a log fire, stock up on some logs before the prices go up!

5. Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

Nothing says comfort and cosy like a gorgeous, thick rug. And who says you have to have one rug per room? You could layer your rugs to your heart’s content! Just try not to trip over them…

6. Light It Up

The nights are getting darker, so you should adapt your home to the change. Gloomy rooms filled with dark corners are a big no, no. So invest in some beautiful table lamps or freestanding lights to give everything a warm, cherry glow.

Kristi Cathey

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