7 Essentials Every New Mom Should Have

It can take some time getting used to motherhood. As you gain more experience, you will learn exactly what you need in everyday situations for you and your family. In the meantime, here are seven items that will leave you feeling more prepared as a parent.

1. Infant Nail Trimmers

Children’s nails grow surprisingly fast and can become long if not maintained. Trimming their nails, however, can be a chore. There are baby-friendly trimmers on the market that make the process easier. Fun patterns make it so that your child won’t be as intimidated, and the design of the device allows their nails to be trimmed safely. The next person that holds your child will be especially grateful of these trimmers, as they won’t be scratched by unkempt nails. 

2. Extra Clothes

You likely already carry around a spare set of clothes for your infants or toddlers. This is always a wise move because, with your busy schedule, you won’t always be able to stop home to clean them up. Whether they have an accident or end up rolling around in the mud, you will be well-prepared.

It is also a good idea to have extra clothes for yourself. Throw together a couple of backup outfits for you and your child, and keep them in the trunk of your car. This way, you won’t ever be out in public stuck wearing smelly, stained clothes.

3. A Sturdy Phone Case

Admittedly, most of us would be lost without our phones. You need it to communicate with your child’s daycare or even just order in food after a long day. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that your phone is in working order.

As a new parent, you’re going to have your hands full – literally. That means you’re probably going to drop your phone a lot, and even if you do your best to keep your phone away from your kids, they have their ways of finding it. Make sure it is protected from grubby hands and drops by getting a sturdy phone case. Sturdy doesn’t have to mean ugly – there are many stylish options out there, like a zodiac sign iPhone case.

4. Portable Changing Pad

This is another great item for when you are on the go. It can be stressful trying to find a suitable area to change a diaper when you’re in public. Not all public bathrooms have changing stations, and even when they do, they aren’t the cleanest place to put your baby.

Invest in a portable changing pad so that you can put a fresh diaper on your baby wherever you may be. Many pads even come with convenient storage pockets for your wipes and diapers.

5. Wipes

Wipes might seem like an obvious go-to item, but you can never have too many of these around. You, of course, need them for when you are changing your child’s diaper. They also come in handy for sticky hands, cleaning up before meals, and wiping away spills.

6. Thermometer

Young children have less-developed immune systems and are more prone to sicknesses. Take the guesswork out of knowing how your child is feeling. Paying attention to their visible symptoms is good, but it can be helpful to have an accurate temperature reading. This way, you will be more capable of distinguishing between minor colds and more serious issues. You’ve likely been combing the Internet to find the absolute best baby thermometer to keep track of your baby’s health. You may find here the Best Baby Thermometer Reviews And Buying Guide for your lovely baby.

7. A Reliable Stroller

Letting your toddlers walk around in public is great to develop their muscles and wear them out. They will, inevitably, become tired. Instead of having to carry them around, let them rest comfortably in a stroller. Get one that glides smoothly and fits easily in your car when it’s time to head home.

Strollers are also great for mothers looking to get out of the house. Take a walk around the neighborhood with your baby. You will not only be getting fresh air but also spending quality time with your child.

These items are just some of the many things that you will find useful as a new parent. As you continue your journey into parenthood, you will come across even more essentials!

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