7 Memorable Party Souvenirs Everyone Will Enjoy

It’s bad form to complain about party souvenirs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some effort finding ones your guests will actually appreciate. So forget the keychains and check out these awesome party souvenir choices that everyone’s sure to love.

1.) Enamel pins

With quality hard enamel pins being a rarity these days, you’re sure to turn heads with these classic souvenirs. Themes can include memorable images, messages, and even in-jokes related to the event. Whether they’re stuck on a jacket lapel or kept in a drawer, these pins are sure to evoke cherished memories for decades to come.

2.) Custom mints or candies

Customized cakes have been around forever. But custom candies and mints have only been accessible relatively recently. These sweets have usually have no real expiry date and they can be either permanent keepsakes or a fun way to freshen up after dinner. Either way, custom mints and candies are sure to be appreciated by everyone.

3.) Hand sanitizer

With people becoming more and more aware of the need to sanitize their hands in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizer in custom bottles can be a thoughtful souvenir that everyone can appreciate. The bottles can come with labels that refer to the event or have a message that encourages everyone to stay safe.

4.) Customized totes or duffel bags

With many cities and retail centers moving away from single-use bags, tote bags have become one of the most appreciated giveaways at events today. Not only are tote bags relatively affordable, but various aspects could be customized, including color, materials, handles, zippers, compartments, and printed sides. This makes it easy to create souvenirs that are as useful as they are memorable.

5.) Flash drives or memory cards

Novelty flash drives that reference your event will continue to be remembered and appreciated long after they’ve been lost between the couch cushions. Seriously though, people can always use another flash drive, and they’re sure to remember your event each time they use yours.

6.) Power banks

Power banks may not be the cheapest item on this list, but chances are they will be something the party attendees will use every week, if not every day. The price of decent power banks has plummeted recently, which makes them a great option even for parties with large numbers of attendees. You can easily have them customized before they’re delivered, or customize them yourself with a simple sticker or label. Either way, this is a gift people will definitely appreciate.

7.) Insulated bottles

“Stay hydrated” is more than an ironic meme, it’s solid advice. Reusable bottles, especially those with insulation that could keep drinks hot or cold for long periods, are becoming especially popular these days, now that people are becoming more sensitive to the impact of single-use cups. Larger ones that could hold an entire “venti” serving of coffee are likely going to see plenty of use throughout the attendee’s lifetime, making these an excellent choice for those times you absolutely want everyone to remember your party.

Use these souvenir suggestions to make weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, christenings, and other get-togethers truly memorable. These aren’t your only options but they’re all surefire ways of making sure everyone leaves your party with something they’ll enjoy.

What other awesome party souvenirs can you suggest? Comment below!

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