7 Survival Tips Busy Moms Should Know

For those who are still single, especially for women, always have more spare time than those who are get married. Their budget time will be narrowed if they have newborn or children. They have to take care of their kids, do the chores, go to work, etc. which lets them cannot balance their life.

The good news is that they can handle their time once they know how to plan their ideal schedule. With an ideal schedule arranged, busy mothers will have more time for themselves. That helps them to be always happy, active and live a healthy life

To have the right timetable, they need to have some expert tips. Here are 7 survival tips for every busy mom that we find out from other busy mom’s experiences.

​#1 – Begin Your Day With A Positive Mind

Because your time is limited, you need to have a careful schedule with a right plan to begin a new day. On the one hand, you should also train your mind with positive aspects to start each day.

The way you select to take up in the morning decides how the rest of your day will perform. Do you know that the decision of having a great day is an option? Thus, you should get rid of all the bad and keep all the good only.

​#2 – Make A Support System

Making a support system is a good idea for busy moms as this can help them a lot. They probably share various experiences about taking care of a child or how to understand the psychology of the kids when the kids are teenagers.

On the other hand, they can learn new things to make a great dish for family and the idea to save much time.

It is necessary to create a small group to have many shared points. Even if one mom feel tired or anxiety, other members can give a big hug to encourage she surpasses a bad news.

​#3 – Do Not Forget To Ask For Help

​Sometimes, you need to ask for help because you cannot do everything by yourself only. Know your limits are also a good signal to make your life better.

Most people often have many friends and family to assist at the right time, but they never ask for help.

Therefore, let them support you do some stuff and you can focus on other important things. For example, a friend helps you watches the kids in a few hours while you go to the shop and buy foods for dinner.

​#4 – Use Baby Bottle Sterilizer

If your baby is still little, they need to feed by the baby bottle, and you absolutely should clean these on a regular basis.

​Dishwashing and steaming are traditional ways to make baby bottles clean, but these take much time to do and you are not sure how they washed are.

​In this case, you could try to use a baby bottle sterilizer instead to save your time and all bottles will completely wash. At the same time, all bad odors will also eliminate.

​Most of the sterilizers are electric machines which are available on the market, you should carefully consider before purchasing.

​#5 – Make Many To-Do Lists

Because you have many things to do and you probably forget some or all of them, it is vital to make a to-do list. You can write it down in a note or use an application. Then, you should keep this list and always check it in the early morning.

You probably make many to-do lists such as the family-care list, the house-work list, the office-task list, etc.

In fact, we preferring handwritten lists because we can create our version, and we also enable to remember these easily.

​#6 – Select Some Jobs For Outsourcing

In case you cannot manage all tasks whether these are office jobs or housework, you should also outsource to hovel the snow or walk the dog once a week or once a month. Additionally, your partner ought to give a hand if he or she can.

​#7 – Take Time To Sleep As Much As You Can

After the kids go to sleep, busy moms always spend their time to do other things instead of sleeping. However, you also should take time to go to bed as your body needs to be rested and relaxed.

Are you aware that lack of sleep will decrease your immune system significantly? For this reason, you should have a deep sleep to recover your health again.


To be honest, we all have 24 hours per day only to use. If we cannot manage our time wisely, we will lose some important things to undertake and other things for the upcoming time. With busy moms, they also need to use their budget time carefully.

And use baby bottle sterilizer is also a smart choice that working moms often choose to make baby bottles always clean. We hope that those tips could support you in order to make a balanced life.

Kristi Cathey

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