7 Ways To Save On Newborn Baby Expenses

Having a baby is probably the most life-changing thing anyone can do. Not only do you all of a sudden become responsible for another human being, but it also changes your priorities.

The life you used to have will be turned on its head (in a good but tiring way), and you will also notice that your bank balance is diminishing far more quickly than it ever has before.

Babies are expensive, so it makes sense to try and cut costs whenever you can. Various things will help you accomplish this, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to save money on newborn baby expenses.

Wait until the sales

If you are pregnant at the moment, you probably spend much of your time drooling over the latest strollers to hit the market or get animated over the sheer volume of cute outfits available.

You may be eager to buy them straight away, but if you wait until the sales, you could save yourself a fortune.

Buy discontinued/last season stock

Stock takes up valuable floor space, which is why most companies will sell their previous seasons' lines off a few times a year at a heavily discounted price. There are some great bargains to be found, so next time you are in a baby store, don't forget to look for clearance items.

They are unlikely to be as prominently displayed as the new stock, but if you hunt for it, you should be able to find some and save yourself a bit of cash.

Buy in bulk

If you have enough space at home, buying larger quantities of one item usually results in a lower unit price, so buying in bulk makes perfect sense. Not all products will be available to purchase in extensive amounts, but you will usually be able to find products like baby shampoo, formula, diapers, and baby wipes in bulk.

It's a good idea to check any use-by dates and be sure that you will have adequate time to use it all up, but given how much stuff babies go through, it shouldn't pose any issues.


As long as you feed your baby when it's hungry, it doesn't matter how you go about it. If, however, you want to save money, then breastfeeding is a perfect choice. Baby formula is not cheap by any means, and when you calculate how much you are likely to go through in a year, you might be horrified at the total.

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, particularly at the beginning, so if it’s something you want to do but need assistance with, speak to a breastfeeding counselor or a medical professional who should be able to help.

Buy second hand

Many people (especially when it's their first child) do not entertain the idea of buying anything second-hand for their baby. It's perfectly understandable, but if you want to reduce your baby-related expenses, then it’s something worth considering. 

Babies can grow out of clothes in a matter of weeks, and so you may find bundles of clothes for next to nothing on the likes of Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Second-hand toys are another great option (providing they are cleaned correctly), and, given how much plastic is needed to create them, you will be doing the environment a favor too. It is, however, recommended that you never buy a second-hand car seat or mattress. They can compromise a baby’s safety and are best purchased new.

Throw a baby shower

Who doesn't love a baby shower? As well as taking a bit of time with loved ones to celebrate the imminent arrival of your newborn, it’s also a great way to save a bit of money on baby expenses.

Put together a baby gift list or let family and friends know the things you need the most, and you could end up with a heap of essentials that will save you a fortune.

Make baby food at home

When weaning your baby, you can pay a fortune for baby food, so if you have the time and inclination, why not make your own instead? Lots of the stuff you buy in grocery stores is processed and contains lots of nasties anyway, so as well as saving cash, you will be giving your baby a far healthier start in life.

If you aren’t sure where to start, there are thousands of baby food recipes online, many of which you can make in bulk and freeze – which is another brilliant way to reduce your costs.

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