A Collection Of 20 Games You Can Play With Your 6-8 Month-Old Baby

Your baby is now six months old, so they will need lots of opportunities to work on their brain. Here’s a list of games you can try playing with your baby, so you can help them explore how they can interact with the world! Each game has its own prep time and difficulty, so you can pick from these 20 items and have a go.

Why You Should Play Games With Your 6-Month-Old Baby

When your baby is around six months old, you can see a clear change in how they react to words and voices. Your baby is now increasingly more responsive, interactive, and grabby with their grubs.

They are also more curious about their surrounding environment. Games allow them to engage with the world and their senses, so playing games in this stage of life is beneficial!

Gameplays that include them moving around and responding to sounds and textures also help sharpen their reflexes and build muscles. So, what are you waiting for? These games are simple and good for your baby’s health!

20 Games You Can Try With Your 6-8 Month-Old Child

These games vary in difficulty, prep time, and playtime, so spend some time scrolling through this list to pick out the suitable choice!

1. Paper Ripping:

First and foremost is a game that will cost you some old magazines and tissues. As your kids start to develop their grip, they will like to grab onto things, but that’s pretty much it.

The game will end when you have run out of paper, or the baby starts putting paper scraps in their mouth.

2. Treasure Trove Filling:

Gather things that your child might like and put them in front of your baby in a box. After that, simply allow them to pull things out of the box and interact with the different items. Be sure to pick things with varying textures and sizes that are baby-safe!

3. Bubble Making:

Gather some soap water and a loop of sorts for you to blow bubble water out of. In no time, your kids will be in a room full of bubbles floating around them, and you can watch them go wide-eyed with wonder!

4. Object Grabbing:

Above your baby’s crib, you can hang some towels and dolls for them to try reaching with their hands and feet. This allows them to try getting up from laying down, and practice their sitting and standing posture.

You can also make the game a little more challenging by putting your kids on their belly instead of on their back!

5. DIY Doll Friend:

This game takes a bit more prep time, as it requires you to take a trip down to the arts and crafts store. You will need:

  • A roll of toilet paper
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Some colorful strings
  • Pencil shavings and other such tidbits
  • A bottle of glue

From there, all you have to do is help them make a little doll friend out of the materials. Be sure to prevent your kid from putting things in their mouth, and wash their hands after they’re done!

6. Soft Play Pit Making:

Similar to the treasure trove game, you have to gather all soft things in your home and lay them out into a play pit for your baby to swim in. From then, you can join them in touching and rolling in different towels, pillows, blankets, and fabrics!

7. Lid Tugging:

You will need a plastic lid to punch a few holes through. After that, thread ribbons, strings, wools, etc., through the holes and make knots at both ends, so they don’t fall off the lid. Your kids will have a fun time trying to pull both ends off the lid!

8. Water Splashing:

This is rather simple, and you can try this game every time you give your sweetheart a bath. All you have to do is initiate the water splashing by grabbing their hands and slapping them against the water surface!

9. Cupboard Exploring:

Reserve the bottom of a cupboard for toys and other things your kids like, and they will pull the items in and out to entertain themselves!

10. Tunnel Exploring:

This game will require you to hold onto a few cardboard boxes, as you can make tunnels out of them. The entire tunnel does not have to consist of boxes the whole way through, as you can substitute with other covers like blankets or towels connecting the solid boxes!

11. Umbrella Making:

All you need is an old umbrella frame, and as usual, tying different objects from the frames allows them to explore its underside!

12. Doing Physical Exercise:

There are many ways to go about this:

  • Hold your kid's foot and let them do a wheelbarrow,
  • Shake their arms and legs when they are in a sitting position,
  • Let them swing their legs freely while laying on their back.

The possibilities are endless.

13. Piggyback Riding:

Plop them on your shoulders and carry them around the room. Your sweetheart will start to giggle as you change the tempo or jump on your feet!

14. Object Drumming:

Find things with flat surfaces like pans, pots, boxes, or cans for your child to drum on and make noises out of! They will be noisy, but they will be able to see how different objects make different sounds!

15. Fabric Kicking:

Cover their feet with a towel, and let them kick around with the thing for a while! You can change the fabric’s material by switching to a light silk scarf or a heavy blanket for variety!

16. Plane Riding:

For this game, lie down on your back and curl up your legs. From there, you can put them on your knees and move them around. For extra safety, you can do this on your bed and hold their arms!

17. Sitting Up:

When your kid feels lazy, you can grab onto their arms and pull them up from their crib and then release them again. Don’t do this for more than five minutes, because it can cause them to feel dizzy!

18. Hide And Seek:

The rule to hide-and-seek is as simple as you know, but you can also integrate it with peek-a-boo for double the fun.

19. Cheerio Hiding:

On your kid’s table, put a cheerio under three cups, and shuffle them around for your kids to find. You can find lots of games like these on Little Creek Playschool!

20. Light Show Making:

There are many types of lights on the market, which project a variety of images on the ceiling for the kids to interact with and gaze upon! So, have a look around for your sweetheart to have a special treat.


Those are 20 simple games to play with your child at 6 to 10 months of age! If you find yourself stuck on ideas, be sure to visit this post again to get inspired again.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope your angela is having as much fun as mine has!

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