A Few Tips New Parents Should Know

You've read the baby books, other women and mothers have given their advice and you have heard every “new mother mistake” in the book. A load of information like that is sure to make you feel extremely overwhelmed. Luckily, we have compiled the most important tricks and hints into one article with the help of experts from https://www.mommyauthority.com/, a nifty go-to platform that has all the information you need to know about being a mommy.


Bath time is an important part of any infants life, not just because of the hygiene aspect but because it is close bonding time that is spent with your child. If it is your first child, it may seem stressful at first because your baby is so small and ever so fragile, much different than giving yourself or old Fido a bath. When it's time to give your baby its first bath, these are a few essential tips to know.

To start, make sure that you are prepared and that you have all the necessities within arms reach. This includes diapers (at least 2 because accidents happen), fresh towels, cotton balls, and rash cream.

You'll want to use the sink or a baby bath at first because handling a baby that is wriggling may be awkward to handle when leaning over the side of a regular bathtub.

Always start with the face before anything else, this helps especially if your baby doesn’t take well to the bath for the first time. You can do this before undressing or after but make sure your baby is wrapped in a towel and warm. Wet cotton balls usually do the trick for wiping the face because it's gentle and tends to be less messy. If your newborn still has vernix on the skin, do not try to wash it off.

After you have done this, it's time to for your baby’s first bath. Make sure that the room is warm and that the temperature of the water is not too hot or cold. Thermometers are handy when it comes to this part.

When the water is ready, slowly place your baby in the sink feet first while supporting the neck and head with your hand. Gently wash the body with baby soap that is free from any perfumes or chemicals and be sure not to scrub any vernix off. Once you are finished, rinse the soap off thoroughly and use your hooded towel which you have kept close by to wrap your baby up.

Clipping Nails

This can be a tedious task that requires patience and care especially when you have a wriggling infant. It may seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it'll be a breeze. There are a few ways to go about this but the trick is to keep them distracted and relaxed.

Using clippers that are designed for babies will make this task a lot easier. To start, gently push the fingertip away from the edge of the nail to avoid clipping it. Start slowly to ensure that you avoid clipping the nail too close to the nail bed. If you are struggling to keep your baby still or distracted, you could try clipping the nails while they are asleep, they generally don't feel this and sleep right through the process. 

This is a nerve wrecking exercise if it is your first try so it's important that you remain calm yourself. If you need a little-added help, clipping them straight after a bath may help because the nails are usually softer.


While feeding babies tend to swallow excess air which causes gas. Every baby is different and in time you will be able to pick up cues of when to burp your baby and what method works best. These are just a few ways of doing it.

The most common method is to hold your baby upright with its head resting on your shoulder. Gently patting or rubbing the back will help to get rid of the excess air.

Another method you could use is to lay your baby on its stomach over your lap ensuring that you are supporting the head and it is elevated slightly above your baby’s chest. Gently pat or rub your baby’s back to help get rid of any air.

Sitting your baby on your lap in an upright position whilst supporting the head in the palm of your hand by cradling the chin and using the heel of that same hand to support the chest. Use the other hand to gently pat or rub your baby’s back.

While it all may seem overwhelming at first, you will quickly get the hang of things and these three tasks will seem to be less intimidating as time goes on. The key is to relax and take a deep breath because believe it or not, you are doing a phenomenal job already!

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