10 Activities to Include in Your Daily Schedule for Babies

Are you stumped on what activities you can include in your daily schedule for your baby? Incorporating fun activities to your daily schedule will stimulate your baby’s development. Even better, these activities will also bring on adorable giggles and smiles form your little bundle of joy. Here are 10 activities to include in your daily schedule for babies which are interesting and easy too.

1. Go Outside With Your Baby

Nobody loves to spend most of their time indoors and so does your baby. You should always make it a priority for you and your baby to get outside and do something. Whether you go out for window shopping or to the park or decide to do something else, what is important is being out of the house with your baby. Getting out of the house is not only good for your baby but is also good for you.

You will feel like you are a better mom. You will also get time to show your baby around the neighbourhood. You can point out things like trees, birds and planes so that you can narrate to your baby everything that you see.

This will go a long way in aiding your baby’s language development and social skills. You might also meet other moms outside there and give your baby a chance to interact with other babies.

2. Reading

You may feel like it is pointless to read to your baby since she won’t understand whatever you are reading or why you are reading to her in the first place. But reading to your baby is not only a wonderful activity that you can enjoy doing for years to come, it is also very important.

By reading out loud to your bundle of joy, you will be teaching her how to communicate. You will also be introducing concepts like letters, colors, numbers and shapes in a way that is much fun.

Reading out loud stimulates your baby’s memory skills and builds her listening and vocabulary skills. Your baby will also learn a lot about the world around her.

3. Art for Babies

Introducing your baby to art is a great way of stimulating their creativity. Your baby will get the chance to experiment with colors, textures and shapes. Later in their life, those skills will be vital in improving their mathematical thinking and math skills. Through artistic expressions, your baby will also develop an understanding at an early age about cause and effect.

Art will also teach your baby how to express herself openly. Art will also stimulate your baby’s senses and establish connections in the brain for future success at learning. Remember that you don’t have to have a paint brush and a canvass to introduce your baby to art. You can start by letting her use her yoghurt as paint.

4. Playtime with Friends

Since babies are naturally born charmers, you should always strive to further build her social skills. That is why you need to raise a friendly baby. Although your baby is still young for playdates, she will benefit a lot when she gets to meet other babies. You can join moms’ groups so that you can meet other mothers with babies like you.

Even if your baby will not really play together with other kids, they will learn a lot from each other. For example, if your baby is still struggling to crawl, seeing her friends do it is all she will need to get going. You can also gradually expose your baby to adults and older kids.

5. Dance with your baby

Dancing with your baby is not only a fun way of passing time for everyone, but is also great at stimulating your baby’s brain. This in turn encourages the growth of important neurotransmitters. You can start including dance in your baby’s life right from birth.

Once your baby learns to make his first dance moves, he will develop his posture, coordination and good balance very fast. He will also develop a good sense of flow and rhythm. Dances also provide your baby with the chance for repetition, imitation, coordination and enjoying the feel of good music.

6. Fun with Faces

Making fun with faces is an interesting early childhood game. It helps to teach your little one the names of the different parts of the body. Babies are usually touchy and love to explore the world around them with their hands. You can allow your baby to touch and feel your face with his hands. As he touches the various parts of your face, you can say the names of those parts.

You can then direct your baby’s hands so that he can also touch his own face. You can also make facial expressions while you speak to teach your baby how he can use his face to communicate. You can also use dolls and stuffed animals to point out body parts.

7. Piling Some Boxes

Babies enjoy playing with boxes as long as the boxes are small and light enough for him to play with. Playing with boxes will help to build your baby’s motor skills. You don’t have to spend money to buy fancy boxes for him to play with. You can use some smaller boxes like shoe boxes and cereal boxes.

You can wrap the boxes with wrapping papers and let your baby learn how to rip them open. As she pulls on the paper, she will love the sound it makes. She will also have fun knocking the boxes over and trying to stack them again.

8. Play with Dolls

You can use any toys, whether stuffed animals or dolls. What matters really is the imaginations. Studies have shown that imaginative plays are very crucial for your baby’s intellectual development. When you engage your child in pretend play, she will learn how to solve problems and develop important social skills. Your baby will also develop self-confidence and master language skills.

9. Singing to Your Baby

Singing nursery rhymes to your baby is great for his verbal and cognitive development. The more you expose your baby to words, the faster they will learn how to talk. Stretching his or her vocabulary will also boost your child’s chances of doing well in school.

10. Diaper-Time Fun

Babies love to be touched, cuddled and tickled. You should take advantage of the diaper-changing sessions to give your baby a quick massage. You can also sing a little song as you change your baby’s diaper. You can also tickle her toes while smiling at her. By doing this, you will be aiding your baby in developing her communication and sensory experiences.

Wrapping Up

Babies normally become an integral part of us from the moment they get conceived. As an integral member of the family, they must be included in every plan that the family makes and that is why you need to know some of the best activities to involve them in.

These 10 activities to include in your daily schedule for babies are very important and should be considered seriously. You can be sure never to go wrong should you decide to follow this path outlined above and let your bundle of job enjoy life as she grows up.

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