All You Have To Know About a Free Divorce Consultation

A divorce can be a messy affair complete with all the emotional rollercoaster. And the divorce attorney is the character that would either turn the process in your favor or not. This is why you have to ensure you search carefully before you hire your divorce attorney.

Most law firms make this selection process easier by giving you a free consultation session with the lawyer. This article has the sole purpose of helping you prepare for this free consultation and also what to look out for. But before we begin, you have to know what divorce-free consultation fully entails.

What a Free Consultation Entails

During the free consultation, the potential lawyer would listen to the entire details of your marriage. Complete honesty would be required; hence, you will have to get personal.

After you are done telling the details, the attorney may then give an overview of how they intend to handle your case.

You also get to decide if you consider this lawyer capable of handling your case. This consultation may happen in person or over a phone depending on which is suitable for you. Free divorce consultations typically span from about 30 minutes to 1 hour, this depends solely on the lawyer’s services.

Finally, as the name suggests, this session will be cost-free. Now that you know what you get with the free consultation, let’s discuss what you will need for the consultation.

What Documents Do You Need For the Session

You will have to make documentation of both your spouse’s and your assets. This document has to contain every asset that has been accumulated by both parties in the course of the marriage. This will help the lawyer have a suggestion of what you can receive as a settlement. Or also what may be required from you for child support.

Click to learn how to make an asset list.

What to Discuss During the Session

As already stated, you will have to tell the attorney everything about your marriage. This is no time to be economical with the truth or be shy about anything.

The lawyer is a professional and has to handle divorce cases almost every day. So, you do not have to be worried about being judged.

If you were involved in an affair during the marriage, mention it. Your spouse had an addiction problem or used to get violent and hit you? Tell the lawyer.

Your attorney has to know all these; even to the tiniest detail so they can have a full picture of what they’ll be up against.

After discussing your marriage details, your next set of discourse should be in form of an interview. Remember, the session is also for you to know if you want this lawyer to handle your divorce.

So, ask the lawyer about his or her work ethics and how he operates. The lawyer’s mode of operation has to coincide with the kind of divorce process you intend to do. Is the attorney one to focus more on the court hearings? Or does he or she prefer out-of-court settlements? Interview him and decide if he/she is the right lawyer for you.

Are you uncertain or shy about how to speak with your lawyer? Then, read this article to learn how to speak with your attorney.

After you have figured out if you want this person handling your divorce, you need to confirm his legal fees.

Since the attorney has listened to your case, he or she will have a rough estimate of what they will charge for the case. The lawyer may not bring up the fees topic because they won’t want you getting scared away by it.

So, you have to bring this up. The attorney may have impressed you so far but you have to be sure that you can afford his or her services.

Now What?

Do not be quick to employ a divorce attorney. We advise that you seek out other attorneys and weigh your options before you decide on one.

So, now that the consultation session is over, thank the attorney for his time and attend other free consultations.

Remember, the divorce attorney is the character in the game that will determine if you will walk away after your divorce feeling slightly better or completely distraught. Therefore, ensure you take your time and hire the perfect lawyer for your case.


A divorce process is not a walk in the park. You will require the best attorney if you want to go through the process with as little stress as possible.

Hiring a good lawyer may be very difficult but the selection process has been made easier. You can have a free consultation session with potential lawyers before you hire them.

This article has discussed all you need to know about this free consultation.

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