Baby And Gadgets – Looking For Balance

It is difficult to imagine a modern mother without gadgets at hand. But then a baby was born ... Do you need to get rid of your electronic assistants as much as possible?

Today, almost all the pedagogical failures of a modern child can be attributed to gadgets: from his dislike of reading to communication problems. However, in most cases, it is still too primitive view at the issue and the play on parental fears. All kinds of electronic devices are part of our life and modern culture. A child should be taught life in this world, and not create an artificial vacuum, especially if you are uncomfortable in it.

Gadgets are our assistants and advisers at the same time. They make our life easier, more interesting. And the birth of a child is not a reason to get rid of electronic devices. Moreover, thanks to them, you could look into the future and imagine how your baby will look like using modern applications on smartphones.

When you do not need to protect your child from a smartphone

  • You are used to the fact that the phone is always at hand. You yourself don’t notice how you turn to it when you are asked about something: you show a photo to illustrate your story, then you immediately look for information on the network if a dispute arises. There is no disaster here, and the little child is gradually getting used to it. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of a baby or making videos, this is a great chance to capture the happiest moments of life. Just in the process, do not forget to comment on what is happening and be in touch with the baby. For example, together with the kids, you can edit his cute photo using one of these great apps.
  • It’s a good idea to turn on the music on the phone so that you can dance with your child (even if it’s on your mom’s arms) or do exercises (baby gymnastics or mother’s gymnastics, in which the baby can also participate).
  • Smartphones now produce sound with fairly high quality. You can record reports on some activity of the child, and then give him listen to activate memory. For example, you recorded how the kid arranged a concert of pots. Let him listen and see if he perks up, crawls to the closet to repeat the encore.

Imagine, invent your own. The main thing is that the smartphone and other gadgets do not become an excuse to disconnect from the baby. Even if you are urgently looking for advice on the Internet about the process of introducing complementary foods, continue to communicate with the child, tell him what you are doing.

When to put your phone aside

Gadgets should not penetrate only that part of the baby’s life that is associated with intimate moments of communication with living people. And the point is not in the gadget, but in the fact that the attention paid to it is very important for the crumbs - not passive, but active, with emotional inclusion. Here are some points that should not be diluted or replaced with seductive devices.

  • Feeding. Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, this is one of the intimate, emotionally charged moments. The baby is so arranged that he is still experiencing emotions - both positive and negative - in connection with physiological reactions. When feeding, he feels a sense of pleasure from satisfying his needs, he forms a feeling of security. You should not look at the phone when you feed the baby. Focus on it, immerse yourself in the feeling that your closeness gives you fully. And this applies not only to the phone but also to books or TVs - there is no difference what exactly DOES NOT be distracted from the process of unity with the kid.
  • Falling asleep. The moment when the baby calms down and falls into a dream in your arms is also very important for your relationship. Of course, there is a temptation to put a lullaby on your phone or to let your child listen to a fairy tale. However, this mediator is inappropriate at the moment when the baby cultivates confidence and learns to calm down in contact with a loved one. Sing yourself, just purr any motive, lull the baby with your warmth. This is better than the most famous and melodic children's songs.
  • Calm wakefulness. You will notice that over time, the child will be more and more calm in time with a pronounced cognitive interest. Do not miss these moments - communicate. Talk with the tot, keeping eye-to-eye contact, try to understand his logic and needs. This is a great foundation for a strong relationship.

When is it better to refrain from gadgets

That's exactly what you should not do is give the baby a smartphone or tablet so that it lags behind you. It does not bear any educational value for the baby, and even if he remembers any pattern randomly poking a finger at the touchscreen, the benefit from this will be minimal.

  • Do not replace gadgets with yourself. The temptation to put the baby in front of the screen is great, but do not give in to him. If you need time for yourself, organize a tiny, developing environment with real objects and substances that are safe but fun.
  • Do not replace old-fashioned toys with gadgets. The gadget can reproduce sound and provide an image. But all this can not be compared with the real sensory experience that the baby can get in the real world. An understanding of volume and texture will not come from looking at the screen. Coordination of movements, large and fine motor skills are also mastered only in practice. But all these incentives and the reaction to them is necessary for brain development of the baby. Do not give up simple petals, grandmother’s games and toys familiar to you from childhood - or their modern incarnations. Give your child real toddler books.
  • Exclude computer games. Already on the market, on the tablet, there are games for very young children. Indeed, the baby learns to operate with a touchscreen and understand the logic of icons. However, you managed to master it in a couple of hours, when you first picked up such a gadget; and the child will also not get much from such pseudo-developing games. At an early age, sensory, motor and emotional development come first. Do not miss these moments!

So, you don’t need to create an artificial world without gadgets. Just do not lose contact with the baby when you turn to the gadget on any business, turn off the phone to be in close contact with the baby, and do not replace the tablet with real games and toys. This will help your child develop normally in the modern world.

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