Baby First Swimming Lessons

Taking swimming lessons at early ages can help children reduce risks of drowning in preschoolers. However, there are many questions should be answered. Which age should they take these first lessons, how to prepare parents for being great assistants when teaching their baby learning swimming, and what can help children safer on the water.

Is It Necessary To Teach Baby Swimming?

To answer how necessary taking swimming lessons for babies is, it means to know the benefits of the classes are. Many surveys show that toddlers are among those who face higher risk of being drowned. And, the more chance swimmers learn to swim at early ages, the less likely they face fatal drowning deaths. According to, the 2009 U.S. study, there was an 88 percent reduction in drowning risk in kids ages 1 to 4 who had taken swimming lessons.

Which Age Should Baby Start To Learn Swimming?

There is an important question to ask before letting your baby under water, at what age is it ideal for children to take swim lessons? This question leads to many answers among parents. According to The American Association of Pediatrics, the ideal age that children can safely be under water learning their first swimming lessons should be at 1. However, many parents choose older ages to start, which is aimed to guarantee the safety for their baby.

How Do Babies Learn?

Teaching babies how to swim is not simply playing with water. The baby will be forced to do something they might not be comfortable to do. Therefore, it is necessary for baby to be physically and emotionally ready to take swimming lessons. The signs that can be easy to be considered as readiness are like: being comfortable when under water, completely enjoy the water, like to splash the water, be able to understand what swimming instructor tell, etc.

And, the person who assists baby in the learning process also needs skills during these lessons. This person can be the baby’s parent, or a swimming instructor who’s trained to be good at swimming techniques, teaching methods and using instructional materials. Certainly, parent can cooperate with a swimming instructor in teaching. Lastly, don’t forget the important role of a lifeguard who should be on duty at all times during the lessons.

How about Swimming Accessories

There is a variety of swimming accessories out there, which can help the young children safer during learning. The option for each baby needs to depend on the baby’s age. However, the main purpose of all these swimming accessories are designed to provide the safety for kids by keeping kid afloat while taking swimming training or learning to swim by themselves. Here are several options to consider:

For 6 – 1 year-old kids:

  • Baby pool float – it has the detachable headrest, and harness, so it is convenient to keep the baby’s head above water, and keep it in place while still providing comfort. The harness makes it more secure while using. The accessory is good to use for babies who are 6 – 1 year old and can be let alone by themselves in the pool.
  • In addition, there is other type of baby pool float designed with a seat and leg holes. With this type, baby doesn’t need to rest the head, but back has a support. Plus, parent’s hands can be free from keeping baby, and the baby can be comfortable in the water playing splashes

For 2 – 4 year-old kids:

  • Swimming jackets – the designs of swimming jackets allow kids afloat the wearer’s torso, meanwhile, baby’s arms and legs free to practice swimming strokes. So, baby doesn’t need to be kept by an adult. Moreover, swimming jacket just makes kid feel like they are just wearing casual clothes, because a swimming jacket is light. It doesn’t also cause any bulky feeling or restrict any movements in the water.
  • Armbands - these armbands are designed to wear at hands while swimming. Therefore, they are more suitable for kids who are able to swim by themselves.
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