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After carrying your baby in the womb for nine months, as a mother, you should make sure that your baby’s skin is always free from any danger. Who would want to see her bundle of joy become sick because she has contracted a disease that could have been avoided by just keeping her clean?

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When washing your baby, as a mother you should use a soft material to wash her so as not to harm her fragile skin. One of the materials that are recommended to be used when washing your baby is a baby washcloth. There are various types of baby washcloths available on the market, and most mothers are normally spoilt for choice when trying to settle for a particular brand.

What To Consider Before Buying A Baby Washcloth

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Most mothers usually find it hard to settle on a particular brand of baby washcloths. This is a problem that I also faced when I had my first child but became a walk in the park for me when I had my second and third children.

This is because I took it upon myself to learn some of the features that one should look for before buying baby washcloths. Without further ado, listed below is some of the information you need to be aware of before buying a baby washcloth.

The Material Used For Crafting The Baby Washcloth

A baby washcloth that has been crafted from cotton, nylon or even flannel is considered to be one of the best baby washcloths. This is more so if it has a thicker feel that will make it feel so smooth on your baby’s skin. Thick and soft baby washcloths should be ideal baby washcloths that you should be hunting for as a caring mother.

How to choose the best baby washcloths

If by any chance you decide to opt for one made from cotton, make sure you go for the combed cotton brand because they will not turn into rough, crimped washcloths even after being washed severally.

Perfume Fragrances Free Washcloths

Perfume Fragrances Free Washcloths

It is undoubtedly true that most people like sweet scented materials and therefore it would be normal for one to use a baby washcloth that is scented with a sweet smelling perfume fragrance. The perfume scented washcloths are not ideal for baby use. The side effects of the chemicals in the scented substance may cause very harmful side effects to your baby even if the manufacturers claim that these washcloths are not harmful to human beings.

Size of the baby washcloth


Baby washcloths are normally available in various sizes. It is always good to choose a size that will work perfectly for you. We also know for a fact that babies are born having different body sizes and therefore it is recommended that one goes for a size that can best clean their babies. Avoid getting in contact with the baby mess by using the right size of a baby washcloth to clean your lovely baby.

Machine Wash Capability

How to choose the best baby washcloths

Most mothers normally do a lot of cleaning in regards to their babies’ clothes. This is why it is advisable that any piece of clothing bought for the child should be machine washable.

As a mother, the first priority should be making sure that the baby washcloth that you are buying can be washed by a machine. This is because babies will normally mess the washcloths most of the time and if you are not using the disposable ones then you will have a lot of washing sessions that require a washing machine coupled with appropriate baby detergents.

Hypoallergenic And Very Soft

allergic reactions to baby’s skin

Due to the fact that the baby’s skin is normally very soft and delicate at the same time, you wouldn’t want to cause any bruises on your baby’s skin. This is why you will have to go for a baby washcloth that is very soft too so as to help in handling your baby’s skin with a lot of care and cause no harm.

The baby washcloth should not cause any allergic reactions to your baby’s skin. Allergic reactions might make your baby feel uncomfortable and restless and this is not something that you would wish your lovely daughter to experience.

Exceptionally Absorbent

How to choose the best baby washcloths

Babies normally need washcloths that can absorb twice as compared to the adult washcloths. Mothers should, therefore, go for baby washcloths will exceptional absorbent features.

The absorption rate of baby clothes needs to be exceptional because it is necessary to clean up baby’s messes as well as spills as fast as possible to keep the baby clean and dry. The baby should always be dry to avoid contracting infections like catching a cold or even a skin rash in extreme cases.

Wrapping It Up

As a loving mum, it is always natural to want the best for your little bundle of joy. It will, however, be difficult to know whether you have the best for your baby or not if you do not do your homework to get to know what is best for your baby. There is a huge variety of baby washcloths you have the freedom to choose from, but by narrowing down your priorities, you will certainly find the ideal baby washcloth for your baby in just a very short time.

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