Beauty Essentials When At The Beach

Summer is just around the corner which is why we are searching for some great bikini deals, and are investing in high-quality lotions & sunscreens. If you are looking forward to your beach getaway and this year's vacation make sure you are well equipped for sunbathing and proper sun-protection.

Women worldwide want to look & feel their best during their 10-day trip, and this article will help you achieve that in the fastest & easiest way possible! Here, we will list the top 7 beach beauty essentials for every woman who wishes to look & feel her best, without being worried about her face makeup melting off during any given situation!

Top 7 Beach Beauty Essentials

1. SPF 30-50

Look for a non-aerosol spray which has UVA and UVB protection since these are lightweight on the skin without feeling greasy. Your ideal sunscreen should be free of any alcohol, and it should be applied as a base product on your face & body. After it sinks into the skin you will be able to apply layers of other beauty products on top, such as liquid highlighters which we will mention and talk about later down below.

Remember that everything starts with a good base, so make sure your skin doesn't get burnt and rather invest some money into high-quality UV protection.

2. Lip Protection

Just as your skin burns & peels so do your lips. When you are at the beach or pool moisturize and protect them with a lip balm which has an SPF 15. Look for a product which is beeswax-based since these are the best for extra protection as well as moisture. Once your lip balm sinks in you can apply a gloss or a satin lipstick on top to enjoy a bit of color or a tinted sheen. However, make sure you avoid liquid matte lipsticks since these can dry out your lips horribly, as well as cause them to crack & peel. Try to embrace your naturally plump and juicy lips, and don't go too over the top with your lipstick.

3. Bronzer

If you prefer a bit of color and you love to look sun-kissed add a hefty amount of bronzer onto your body. You can use oil-based tinted body lotions to give your legs & chest some shimmer and color, and you can use an actual bronzer on your face. It can be in liquid and powder form, based on your preference and your skin type. For instance, women who have dry skin will enjoy liquid products a lot more and vice versa. Once you apply the bronzer onto your face & body make sure you give it enough time to dry & set before you move onto your next step.

4. Liquid Highlighter

Every woman loves to glow, which is why a highlighter is a necessity when at the beach! You should apply a liquid highlighter all along your cheekbones, on your chest, décolletage area, as well as down your legs. You can use both high-end and drugstore highlights, just make sure that they have an SPF 15 (at least) since this means additional protection on top of your previously applied sunscreen.

5. Lash Extensions

If you love to swim but you hate seeing your mascara smear why not try out permanent lash extensions? Lash extensions cannot smear or smudge, which makes them ideal for high heat surroundings. These are applied on top of your natural lashes by a certified lash expert, and once done the right way they can last for 3-4 weeks! This should cover the entire length of your holiday, right? Also, they can be exposed to water, but they should be kept away from chlorine water, so keep that in mind before you get to the pool. These will look lovely without any mascara on top and will look great on every woman since they are customized per your preference.

6. Hair Protection & Hair Masks

Your hair can burn, and you can end up with broken strands. High heat can cause split ends, as well as unwanted breakage no matter the hair type you have. However, don't forget that bleached and colored hair will break the easiest, which means that it demands the most care. You should bring a hair-mask with you and reapply it each night before you go to bed. Make sure that your purchased mask is compatible with your hair type. For instance, purchase an oil-enriched mask if your hair is super dry & curly, but purchase a silicone based mask if you have extensions etc.
Also, try to protect it by wearing a cap or a hat as much as possible when tanning or when swimming. Some women can also do the Olaplex hair treatment, which is a process of protecting your hair from heat and any additional damage by infusing it with oils & vitamins so it doesn't break. You can get this treatment done before or right after you come back from your trip.

7. Cream For Your Body

Last, but definitely not least, do not forget a moisturizing cream and a body lotion. Something that is filled with aloe vera, shea butter, or macadamia oil will suit your skin the best during high heat exposure. Every time after you take a cold shower, massage your entire body with any of these creams or lotions. You will enjoy them especially if you've experienced any sunburn, or if you have dry or sensitive skin.  Don't forget to pamper your elbows and your feet, as well as your back. These parts can get dry & ashy super easily, so make sure you invest proper time & care when rubbing in the product.

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