Learn The Best 5 Ways To Keep Baby’s Skin Healthier

Your baby’ skin is extremely sensitive -- and so is her immune system! In other words, it can’t be treated in the same way with the adult skin, but need a proper care by following “Less is more” rule! Still confused? Here’s how to care for your baby’s skin:

Best Baby Bath Safe For Her Sensitive Skin

Your baby tends to take 2 - 3 baths per week in warm water, right? Keep in mind that the initial thing to create a great bath safe for your baby’s delicate complexion is to find the ideal temperature before filling her bathtub with no more than 3 inches of water. If dreading her to get cold while you’re bathing him, you’re recommended to pour cupfuls of water on her tiny shoulders.

Without hurting her ultra-sensitive skin, you need to choose a baby washcloth to make her bath time an enjoyable experience. Regarding this aspect, bamboo washcloths are the best for babies having that much sensitivity since they’re hypoallergenic. It’s also a renewable source so very eco-friendly.

These towels can also become softer after being dipped in water and completely anti-bacterial. Use it to gently wash your newborn’s scalp with shampoo. When cleaning her face, think about a cotton ball before making it moisturized to dab with your fingers.

Okay, and now do you want to bring your baby out of the tub already? Put one hand on her neck to support her head while the rest is supporting her bottom, and all fingers wrapping around one of her thighs. Next, wrap her in a hooded towel, dry her and then you can apply baby lotion to prevent her skin from drying out.

Change Baby diapers often

Rash will happen when your baby tends to sit in dirty diapers for too long, especially when they eat, they usually poop soon after that. So keep watching her after you feed your baby, if that occurs, please change her diaper right away. Besides, it’s best to use wipes only whenever you see any poop involved here. 

Ensure to wipe gently and dab diaper cream on her bottom. By using the cream at such every change, it prevents chafing effectively, so be confident to apply a thick layer of it!

Afterwards, pat softly and wait for a while to air-dry, which can help prevent baby from suffering a diaper rash. When it comes to choosing the baby diapers, only buy the fragrance-free ones in a size that should not fit too snugly, or she easily tolerates chafing.

Don’t let the whole diaper-changing process become a nightmare for you, young mother! Make sure to stick to the tips here, and things will go well.

Protect Baby From The Sun

Don’t rush to expose the baby to the UV of the sun since it possibly put them at risk of skin cancer in the future, especially your infants whose sensitive skin owns less of the pigment that plays a vital role in guarding it against the sun.

To dodge direct sunlight, you can use a stroller shade and always dress baby in long-sleeved suits in tight weaves. It’s also suggested to avail a wide-brimmed hat that can cover all of her face and neck.

Last but not least, remember to apply sunscreen to avoid your little angel from the sun. Don’t worry since some sunscreen will be fine even for the youngest infants. But be more careful whenever you try to apply it around your baby’s eyes and mouth.

Re-apply every 2 hours or whenever your baby gets wet. It’s best to use the broad-spectrum SPF30 with the zinc oxide for a proper physical block.

Trimming Your Baby's Nails

Your baby’s nails are very soft and supple, so make no mistake here with the safe and effective nail clippers. And since these little fingernails grow fast, you need to cut them many times per week. The best time to trim her nails is while she’s sleeping, if not; you can choose another good time that is after your baby wash.

This is when her nails are the softest! While doing this, you’re suggested to stay in the place where there’s enough light. Use a set of baby scissors or nail clippers designed specially to use only on the tiny fingers.

Cut the nails along the curve of your baby’s finger. Trim toenails straight across and then use the emery board for smoothing out all the rough edges. According to the doctors, they suggest using this emery board within the first few weeks of your baby’s life since their nails are quite soft.

If finding too hard to do this task, feel free to ask your partner or a friend of yours to keep baby wiggling much while you trim her nails. Or have someone distract the baby so that her hand can be held still for you to clip and file nails.

In some other cases, a few parents also bite their baby’s nails into shape. However, doing this way only bring germs from your mouth to the cuts your baby properly has on her finger. Besides, the finger of your baby is smaller as compared to your teeth!

The best baby skincare tips we’ve just shared are super easy! They’re the most natural and practical tips that can make your little angel’s skin not just supple but also glowing! If you’ve got any advice to make your baby’s skin soft and healthy naturally, the share with us and other mommies here!

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