The Top 5 Best Diaper Pails: Keep the Stench at Bay

Let us all face it, used diapers do not smell great at all. No one likes the smell of poop in their living room or somewhere in the house. To some extent, the smell from the trash in your bins would be like roses as compared to what your little bundle of joy can stuff up in the diapers.

To worsen the situation, the stench becomes more unbearable as the baby grows up. This then gets you to think: “how do I take care of this heinous smell?” you may be tempted at times to just dispose of the diapers outside in the garage or with the trash. This is only feasible for a day or two until you get tired of disposing of every diaper especially if you have mastered the tips of getting free diapers. And remember, you have to change it almost hourly.

Diaper change

This is where the diaper pail bails you out. These are specifically designed to eliminate the odours that emanate from stinky diapers while providing a safe haven for the baby’s messes. The pails have a sealing that absorbs the scent from diapers, keeping the little one’s room fresh and livable.

The options you can choose from at your nearest store are unlimited. Finding the best diaper pail that suits your needs of keeping the smell under wraps is the real problem. So how do you decide which diaper pail to choose and which not to? Here are guidelines to save you from all the hustle.

Is There Really A Need For A Diaper Pail?

Is there really a need for a diaper pail

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You are probably asking yourself this at this point. A pail is not an absolute necessity. You can decide to use your normal trash can as a diaper pail but be prepared for the heinous smell produced. The constant movement to and fro to dispose of the diapers too can be a little hectic at times, especially at night.

So if you do not want to go through all these strenuous manoeuvres, then a diaper pail is your best bet. The smell is locked inside, and you do not have to break a sweat to put in one.

At What Time Does One Need To Have A Diaper Pail?

Diaper pail

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Diaper pails might be expensive to buy, but it is a worthwhile investment to make. The need for them starts when your child starts to be in diapers up to that time he/she becomes a toddler. However, their use does not end here. There are a group of diaper pails that can be converted to trash cans once they are of no more use.

What Are The Features To Consider Before Buying A Diaper Pail?

Various pails offer unique capabilities that are distinct from the other. To be able to make the best choice when purchasing your next pail, here are the features we think you should look for before making a purchase.

Ease of use

Diaper pail hands-free

This should be a common feature with all the choices you have to make while buying any product. There is no point in buying a diaper pail that you will fumble with the whole day without getting anything done right. Picture this, you are holding a baby and diapers which are dirty in your hands, and you still have to struggle to pop up the lid, not a good idea. Using the pail should be as easy as stepping on a pedal, and the lid pops open.

A hands-free operation is essential.

Affordable liners

Diaper pail Affordable liners

The pail liners should be inexpensive and easily changed once their use has been exhausted. Although there might be some extra features desired from the liners such as scent or being specialised, the overall function remains the same, keep the odour inside the pail. There are even those that allow you to use the normal liners used for trash bags.

Storage capacity


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You probably do not like emptying the pail each and every day, don’t you? The bag is always stuffy with a strong stench from the collected poop. Changing it is not always pleasant. Making a choice of a large capacity diaper pail is rewarding as it holds more diapers while ensuring that no smell emits from the pail itself.

Controlling of odour

The smell inside a diaper pail can sometimes build up to excessive levels that even the pails cannot contain by themselves. This necessitates the addition of extra features to help reduce the smell levels. When the pail is of a large capacity, be careful to look for the small container beneath the lid that serves the purpose of holding baking soda in it.

Baking soda has the ability to manage the smell by being sprinkled by the dispenser onto the diapers underneath. This cycle is repeated every time the lid is closed.

Safety provisions

Safety provisions diaper pail

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Most people keep the pails inside the baby’s room or somewhere where he/she can reach. When they start to crawl, it is of utmost importance to ensure that they do not get into the pail and get mixed up with the unthinkable. Safety locks should be prioritised to minimise the chances of the baby suffocating. They can be a little playful sometimes.


Most of the diaper pails are either made from plastic or stainless steel. Plastic diaper pails have the unfortunate disadvantage of absorbing some smell from the diapers, unlike their stainless counterparts. The pricing differs based on the material, so you have to make a compromise between the costs and smell retention.

The Top 5 Best Diaper Pails

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

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Diaper pails do not come any better than this one. This is the best of the best. It is an award winning diaper pail that comes in a great design. Store your baby’s used diapers locked tightly without emitting any foul smell. That is the plan after all, right? You have the choice of using the normal trash can bags or cloth liner that is reusable.

Top features

  • This diaper pail is made from steel that is coated with powder for optimum control of odour.
  • There are strategically placed rubber seals to keep the smell in the pail
  • A sliding lid ensures air does not escape when you slide it open
  • Can utilise the normal trash can bags and reusable liners
  • Child proofing locks are incorporated


  • It can hold up to fifty diapers
  • It has a sliding lid to reduce air disruptions
  • The pail is made from steel which does not absorb any smell
  • Safety locks are incorporated to keep your child safe
  • Rubber seals provide a perfect seal
  • It utilises the normal bags. There is no need for special arrangements.


  • The smell still gets out when you slide open the lid!

2. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

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This is a combination of good aesthetics and a high-class control of odour. A foot pedal is introduced for better hygiene. You do not have to touch it unnecessarily. The Manufacturer, Munchkin also undertakes to plant a tree for every diaper pail you buy. They have environmental concern too.

Top features

  • The diaper has a system that seals itself as you close the lid
  • Has that easy to step pedal
  • Child proofing systems
  • The refills are lavender scented
  • The cartridge contains baking soda to control the smell
  • Has dual refill compatibility


  • The lavender scent incorporated in the design neutralises the smell of those diapers inside.
  • The step pedal makes it possible to hold the baby in one hand and the dirty diaper on the other.
  • Stink blasts are eliminated by the use of an automatic sealing system.
  • Locking mechanisms ensure your child can play around it without the risk of suffocation from the contents of the pail.
  • A large storage capacity is available.
  • The fronts swing open when you want to take out the diapers


  • It is not compatible with diaper genie bags
  • The lid sometimes fails to close itself tightly.

3. The Diaper One N Done

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This is a diaper pail that is easy to use while disposing of diapers. The dirty diapers are placed inside it, and a knot in the bag is tied to segregate it from the newer bags. The diaper is then disposed of in the house trash. A unit has 100 bags included in the product combination.

Top features

  • It is a diaper pail with an ease of use
  • The diapers are each sealed individually
  • The frame is designed such that it can hang from a table or support itself.
  • It weighs almost 1.5 pounds
  • The pail measures 6x6x11 inches.


  • The sealing of bags eliminates foul smell from the diapers
  • Due to its lightweight, you can hang it on your nursery changing table.


  • It has a small diaper capacity at any one time.

4. Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

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This is a very simplistic diaper pail for your needs. The smell in kept inside and can even hold close to 30 diapers at a time. It comes fully assembled. It also has one of the largest storage capacities you could ever expect in a diaper pail.

Top features

  • Controls odour brilliantly
  • Uses the bags that trash cans use
  • Has large storage capacity.


  • Its use is simplified
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Has large holding capacity


  • You have to use your hands to open it
  • Has a small diaper flip hole.

5. Dekor Plus Disposal Pail, Soft Blue

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This is a hands-free system for disposing of diapers in the simplest of ways. There are no parts to push or twist. All you need to do is simply stepping on the pedal, and the lid opens for you to insert the diapers in the pail. To make it more user-friendly, the cartridge is reusable. This therefore makes refilling easy and fast.

Top features

  • The pedal system makes it hands-free
  • Has uniquely designed doors to ensure the stench does not escape
  • It is designed such that you can use it anywhere in the room and also turn it into a trash can after use.
  • Can hold up to 12 times more diapers that of the leading brand.


  • It is hands-free
  • It has a tight sealing which makes it odour free
  • It is made from ABS plastic, which is odour-resistant and easy to clean afterwards.
  • Batteries and filters to be replaced are non-existent.
  • It has a reusable cartridge.


  • It is made from plastic which is non-biodegradable. Increases the toll on landfills


We are hopeful that this article will be of some help the next time you are going to shop for the best diaper pail. Buying a diaper pail to hold the smelling baby diapers should be done carefully to avoid the inconveniences of having to endure the heinous smell throughout or having to dispose of the diapers now and then.

When you put the list we have reviewed, we would highly recommend the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. The features it possesses are far superior to the rest of the group of diaper pails. The steel construction, sliding lid, ability to use normal trash bags are all geared towards ensuring that you don’t experience any inconveniences at any time while using it. The pail is also award-winning which improves its acceptability levels. The pricing might be a little higher than the rest but it offers a very good value for money.

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