Who Else Wants To Buy The 5 Best Mosquito Repellent For Babies?

Dealing with blood sucking insects like mosquitoes is hectic and frustrating. They are disturbing, noisy and harmful. Making sure that your little one wears a protective clothing without a more protective way from mosquitoes can prove to be useless. The best way to fight these mosquitoes is buying the best mosquito repellent for babies.

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There are a number of activities that come during summer, activities that will make you and your family to spend most of your time outdoors. This is the most opportune moment for mosquitoes to feed on their host.

Without the best mosquito repellent for your baby, your baby will most likelybe infected with Malaria or yellow fever within days.

For you and your family’s safety whenhiking,camping, fishing or traveling, mosquito repellents are the most essential part of your gear that you should carry with you. Withoutthem, you will have morningsof nursing mosquito bites.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Safety Tips You Should Know When Handling Mosquito Repellents For Babies

  • Fragranced products like lotions and perfumed laundry detergents attract bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Always keep your little one’s skin covered as much as possible when in mosquito infested areas.
  • Never use mosquito repellents on children who areunder2 months old.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellents should not be combined to avoid overexposure. Sunscreen might require regular application while insect repellents don’t.
  • Mosquito repellents should be applied to clothing NOT directly on the skin.
  • Always keep the products out of children’s reach.
  • Use a mosquito net to cover your little one’s stroller.
  • Use insect repellents that are only approved for children.
  • Follow the guidelines on the label before using any product on your baby.
  • Spray repellents should only be sprayed only in open areas for ventilation and to avoid inhalation.
  • Wash your hands and your little one’s hands after handling insect repellents. Immediately you are indoors, let them take off their clothes before doing anything in the house.

How Do Mosquito Or Bug Repellents Work?

Mosquito repellents simply repel mosquitoes from you or your little one. Others might kill them. How long they will remain effectivedepends on the concentration and nature of the ingredients used, some might be natural ingredients or synthesized ingredients like DEET.

What Is DEET?

You will come across this term on most mosquito repellents, so what is it anyway? DEET is an ingredient commonly used in insect repellents thatrefer to N, N-Diethyl-m-toluamide. A chemical that was developed by the US Army in late 1946.It is regarded as the most effective ingredient in bug repellents.

DEET does not actually kill the insect, but instead, it affectsthe insect’s sensory nerves. As a result, the insect gets confused, and it backs off.

Is DEET Safe For Your Little One?

There has been unproven information in the inter-webs that DEET sprays were dangerous for kids. It is not true;DEET is safe for both children and adults. However, most people prefer DEET free or natural insects repellents for their little ones. Well, it is theirchoice, but the fact remains that DEET is safe for your little one.

Types Of Mosquito R​epellents

  • Synthetic Repellents:

    These are repellents that are made using man made or synthesized chemicals. They include DEB, DEET, icaridin, or picaridin sprays.

  • Spatial Repellents:

    They include vaporizers, mats, spray aerosols and coils.

  • Natural repellents:

    These are repellents that are made from natural ingredients. These ingredients include plant oils like lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, and soybean.

  • Gadget Repellents:

    These are repellents designed to use energy to repel mosquitoes or bugs. They include rackets, ultrasound, and electromagnetic mosquito repellents.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Without much ado, here is a detailed review of the 5 best repellents for babies.

Top reviews

1.Premium Essential Oils Mosquito and Insects Repellent charm Bracelet

(Via Amazon.com)


There is a big reason why Premium Essential oils Mosquito and Insects Repellent Charm bracelet tops our review. This is one of the ideal mosquito repellents charm bracelets that will be suitable for protecting your little one during the summer holidays.

It is safe, and your little one will have fun wearing it. It is totally made from natural ingredients such as citronella, lavender, and geranium, which makes it absolutely nontoxic and safe.

You shouldn’t worry about your little one’s wrist size. It will not fall off. It is adjustable therefore it can fit any wrist size. Sometimes using DEET sprays can be tiring, this bracelet will be the best alternative.
It will repel all the insects that will try to bite your little one while indoors or outdoors.

 It comes in a pack of different varieties and colors. What makes iteven more fun to use is that it comes with easy to clip oil-soaked charms that carry very strong anti-insect recipes.

Top features

  • It is a 4 organic plant based oils in 4 refillable pellets.
  • It is all-natural and chemical free.
  • Number one Mosquito repellent recipe.
  • Attractive package.
  • 15 days of insect protection
  • DEET free and No spray bracelets.
  • It is adjustable.


  • It will be safe for your little one. It is DEET free and 100% made of natural organic oils.
  • Your baby will definitelyfall in love with the bracelets. It comes in a pack of 4 different attractive colors.
  • Made of extra strong mosquito repellent recipe. Your little one is guaranteed protection.
  • It will give your little one a 15-days protection.
  • It will come with instructions guide that will guide on how to use it.


  • Keeping it on young kids will be hard.

2. Happy people CLIP ON mosquito Bug repellent

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Are you tired of the noisy mosquitoes sucking your little one’s blood? Happy people CLIP ON mosquito Bug repellent has you covered. From the name, it is so simple to use.

 You will just be required to clip it on places next to exposed skin, like on the edges of your little one’s shoes, around the neck, on their backpacks, or on the visor of his cap or hat. You can as well place clip it on your camping dinner table, and it will work perfectly.

If you don’t fancy sprays, this mosquito repellent will the most suitable. It is free from the sticky lotions, patches and harmful sprays and lotions. The clip on repellent is sticky and comfortable to use.

Your little one will not lose it while playing and will enjoy the outdoor sports time.It comes as a 2 pack, you will have a longer duration of protection from each of these clip packageof up 2-3 months.

Top features

  • Free from sticky lotions, patches, and harmful mosquito repellents.
  • Made of comfortable clips.
  • It’s 2pack.
  • Natural and DEET free.
  • Has a lifetime guarantee.


  • This clip on repellent will be comfortable to use. Your little one will not lose it while playing.
  • It comes as a 2pack; your little one will have a long time protection from bugs and mosquitoes.
  • It works best when indoors and when outdoors, camping, hiking, and fishing.
  • It is an all-natural repellent. Made from oils of chamomile, citronella, and peppermint, your little one will be safe from harmful chemicals.
  • This product’s sellers offer a great offer for you, and their product will not disappoint you. You will have a lifetime guarantee.


  • It has no effective scent to repel bugs and mosquitoes.

3.Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelet 12pcs

(Via Amazon.com)


This mosquito repellent answers many worrying questions that every concerned parent has about using the sprays, stickers and the lotions. This repellent is naturally safe,DEET-free and spray-free.

It is made from plant based oils such as lavender, Eucalyptus, and Citronella. It is a family bracelets suitable for you and your little one when both indoors and outdoors.

This repellent providesa long lasting protection. Your little one will be protected for up to 240 hours while wearing this bracelet. That is why it will be the most perfect for
outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and traveling. 

With iton your wrist and your little one’s wrist, you will be have an affirmed protection.

Top features

  • Long lasting protection of up to 240 hours.
  • 100% safe mosquito repellent. Made of all-natural oils.
  • Top quality anti-mosquito repellent
  • Adjustable bracelet.
  • Lightweight.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • It is adjustable hence it will fit on your wrist as well as your little one’s wrists. It will also not fall while your child is playing.
  • It has a good quality. The bracelets are inspected for quality before they are sold.
  • They are also non-toxic and made from soft microfiber material.
  • The bracelets are durable and packed in 12-pack re-sealable packets.
  • The mosquito repellent is all-natural made from organic oils such as citronella and lavender.
  • You will have a 100% money back guarantee if you find the product does not work foryou and your little one.


  • If not tiedproperly they fall off.

 4.Natural Mosquito Repellent, 100% safe Bug Spray & Insect control

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Natural mosquito repellent, 100% safe Bug Spray & Insect control is the perfect mosquito repellent you have been looking for. It is easy to use and the most effectivespray. It is made from 100% proven safe spray.

The spray is made from natural ingredients, which will have absolutely no side effects.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty.In case it fails to work, your money will be refunded. With the use of this mosquito repellent, you will be ready to fight mosquitoes and bugs.

Top features

  • 100% natural.
  • Easy, safe and free from side effects.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Money back guarantee.
  • 30 milliliters Spray.


  • It will protect your little one from bugs and mosquitoes.
  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • It is chemical free. Made from natural ingredients with a proven formula.
  • It is 100% effective and easy to use.
  • It comes with exclusively good bonuses. You buy one you will get one for free and with a lifetime warranty.


  • It does not last long. It will serve you for a short time.

5.6 pack/36 kids stickers High-quality mosquito repellent

(Via Amazon.com)


Made from natural citronella oil, it is the most effective mosquito repellent stickers you will ever find on the market. You will simply be required to put it on thematerial, and its scent will send the mosquitoes and bugs far away from your baby.

You will however not be required to stick itdirectly on the skin but instead to materials like clothing, backpacks, and hats. It has an effective duration of up to 72 hours.


That will serve your little one a lot of time to do a lot of things outdoors while completely bug-free.
It is most effective for its first 12 hours and can be used alongside other repellents.

Top features

  • Has attractive animal-inspired design.
  • Made of organic oils.
  • Has a natural aroma.
  • Has up to 72-hour protection life.
  • It is 6 packs with 6 stickers.


  • It has an aroma that will effectively repel mosquitoes from your little one.
  • The attractive animal-inspired stickers will always leave your little one wanting to wear them.
  • Has an extended protection life. Your little one will be kept safe from mosquito bites for a longer time.
  • They come with 6packs each with 6 stickers leaving you with a total of 36 stickers enough to protect your little for a longer time.
  • It can be used alongside other repellents.


    • It does not stick too well.


Without a mosquito repellent, your little one will be at risk of contracting malaria or yellow fever. These two diseases are dangerous and can lead to loss of a life. A mosquito or bug-free night time will be enjoyable with the best mosquito repellent for babies.
Premium Essential Oils Mosquito and Insects Repellent charm Braceletis an example of the best mosquito repellent for babiesthat will keep these blood thirsty insects away from your little one and your family.

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