5 Reasons Parents Should Consider A Career In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a highly important one for society, and if you’ve been considering a career in the industry, you aren’t alone. Over 1 million people work in the industry as dentists, doctors, nurses, midwives, and more, working to provide an improved standard of living for all those in their care.

With work-life balance, travel opportunities, multiple study paths and more, the healthcare industry is one of the most diverse, inclusive and varied professions. There are so many opportunities to explore within the industry, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find a field that doesn’t interest you. With this in mind, here are the top five reasons parents should consider pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.

1. Flexibility

Healthcare is needed worldwide, meaning you could perform your role overseas, or travel extensively to provide your services from city to city or country to country. If you’d prefer to work locally, employment opportunities are rarely scarce.

And whether you’re a sole practitioner or employed within a company, flexible hours can be established to suit your needs and lifestyle. This isn’t your average 9-5, with many professionals working night shifts.

2. Every day is different

No two days in the healthcare industry are the same. For example, in a hospital, a slow shift could be turned around if an emergency case suddenly comes through. This means the healthcare industry is perfect for those who like to think on their feet and be challenged on a daily basis.

Multitaskers and those who are generally interested in the wellbeing of people will excel in any field within the healthcare department. You’ll enjoy a mix of customer-facing services and professional medical care within many roles, and it’s this variety that professionals say is one of their favorite parts of the job.

3. Access to training

Many of the courses needed to start your career in the healthcare industry are readily available online. This means you can easily get your foot in the door for jobs like a massage therapist, patient care assistant and personal trainer. With online courses, you can also study when you have the time and at your own pace.

4. A plethora of choices

Are you interested in nutrition? Mental health? Teeth? Dieticians, psychologists, and dentists are all part of the healthcare field, but they couldn’t be more different from each other. The beauty of the healthcare industry is that there’s a range of study paths and professions to suit the area you’re most interested in - the only difficult part is deciding which area you want to go into.

It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research on the subfields you’re interested in. For example, if you want to be a nurse but the sight of blood makes you queasy, then perhaps studying physiotherapy might be a better option for you.

5. High job satisfaction

The healthcare industry boasts one of the highest levels of job satisfaction. Being able to help others is one of the first reasons people choose to go into this industry, and watching a patient improve and lead a better life comes in at a close second, both of which contribute to high levels of satisfaction on the job.

You can come home every single day (or night, depending on the time of your shift) knowing you’ve made a true difference to someone’s life, whether that be by easing their pain or providing positive test results. There may even be a day in your career where you save a life, and the satisfaction from that moment will make every part of your career journey worth it. Job satisfaction can also come from the impressive sliding salary in the industry; the more you learn, the higher your pay grade.

Choosing a career in the healthcare industry

With several positive aspects of working in the healthcare industry, it’s easy to see why there are so many employees who truly enjoy and value their work. As training and study in this field are so accessible, within a few years you could be earning a comfortable and steady income.

The need for qualified healthcare workers worldwide is high, so there’s never been a better time to switch your suit for scrubs. The future of our happy and healthy citizens lies in your hands, and you can enjoy your job in an industry that will always be needed.

Kristi Cathey

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