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Splitting Up Is Hard, Baby

Newborns are notoriously hard on a relationship. The workload and sleep deprivation contribute to a lack of intimacy. Research has shown that the relationship between spouses suffers after having a baby. In fact, the statistics are sobering — about one-third of divorces occur within the first five years of marriage.Although infants won’t know when their […]

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9 Tips On Painting Kids Rooms

Painting the Kids room is something different comparing to painting the normal rooms of a house. We want to take some tips in our mind before starting to paint the kid’s room. 1. Attractive Colors            The color choice for the kid’s room should be attractive to the kids which can […]

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5 Jobs New Mothers Can Do At Home

Who hasn’t dreamed of working from home? A crosshouse commute sounds infinitely more appealing than a crosstown commute, not to mention the allure of working in your pajamas on occasion. For a family to get by on one income is a difficult task these days, but so too is being a mother who works outside […]

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Happy Birthday Images And Gifts

Can we get through a birthday without sending happy birthday images to congratulate somebody from a distance or preparing a thoughtful gift for someone who invited us to the B-day party? Obviously, no!Year after year we rack our brains trying to invent another unusual and useful present for family members, friends, and colleagues. However, the […]

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