6 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Confidence

Confidence, compassion and courage- the world is in dire need of these three. What better way to revolutionize the order of the world by instilling these key characteristics in our children?

As parents, it is our job to prepare our little ones for the future, so that they can deal with the obstacles of life in a positive manner. This means that our nurturing instincts need to work on equipping our children with the necessary confidence, that would help them achieve success in life. Self-confident children, who believe in their abilities, then turn into adults who uplift others and radiate positivism.

But how can one do all this, without becoming a helicopter parent? Follow these tips to develop confidence in your mini-versions:

Give them the Reins Early on

Children are naturally inquisitive and curious. This is why they like doing things on their early own. As a parent, you should give them this space and freedom, so that they can learn to do stuff on their own. This doesn't mean abandoning them completely, but this means standing by them, teaching them and giving them the required help only when they ask for it.

Early Learning Centers for the Exposure

A great way through which younger ones not only learn but grow exponentially, as far as their confidence in concerned, is by involving them with other kids. Day care centers and early learning centers are a great way of giving them this necessary exposure as they learn to cultivate new bonds and learn new stuff, all on their own. It is best to mentally prepare the kids beforehand, so they don't get distressed and mingle along with their little fellows.

We reached out to the team at Busy Bees; an early learning center based in Australia, to ask for their input on importance of early learning centers for kids. According to them, a child’s early years are critical and the right early learning service gives them a head start as they prepare for school. It also provides them with exciting opportunities and challenges that help develop their cognitive abilities.

Assign Achievable Tasks

As parents, sometimes our care can turn us into extremists with really high expectations. Understand that children are fragile and seek your approval more than you imagine. Therefore, give your child doable tasks, that they can achieve easily with little to no assistance in the process. If you give them something they can't fulfill, it will bring their morale down and that is not a good start to the road of confidence.

Praise When it's Due

Talking about the extreme where you praise your child for every little thing they do, just don't. While positive feedback is really beneficial for your child, it is important that you praise them and let them know exactly what you are praising them for. To keep things balanced and healthy, give your child some task or encourage them to do something and then praise them accordingly. This way they will learn that efforts get rewarded and acknowledged and won't make them lazy in the longer run.

Encourage Positive Self-talk

The way you talk to your child becomes their inner voice. This is why psychologists urge parents to be soft, loving and positive, when it comes to communication with children. If your child fails at something or feels frustrated at not being able to do something or compares themselves to others, the best way to go about this is to engage in conversation and show them their true potential.

Engage in Physical Activities

There is nothing more helpful then engaging your children in something that will help them learn something new. Be it sports, swimming or even music classes, teaching your child a skill can help shape their personality for the good. Activities that mentally, physically or even emotionally involve a child helps them grow and improves their problem solving skills too.

Confidence is the greatest gifts that any parent can give to their child, therefore don't hold back when it comes to appreciating, being empathetic and telling your children how happy you are of their efforts. Being a good parent means raising a good human being, not being over protective and spoiling them.

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