Importance Of Chiropractors During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the great blessings of life, but bringing a new person into this world sets up all sorts of challenges for us. We worry about having a healthy baby, but there’s also all sorts of new aches and pains that happen in each trimester that need dealing with. Yes, there’s the inevitable morning sickness, but even more so we’re talking about the stresses put on joints during pregnancy. It’s no surprise that many pregnant women are looking to an old solution for this old problem: how chiropractors help you when in pain.

For many, chiropractors during pregnancy, helping to manage pain and increase the overall wellbeing of their clients. Many people prefer to go this route for the simple reason that it’s a natural, drug-free way to see how chiropractors help you when in pain. We broke down the reasons why you might want to check out a chiropractor next time you’re feeling your pregnancy.

Regular Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Joint Wellbeing During Your Body’s Natural Changes

There are many hormonal and physical changes that naturally happen during the course of a pregnancy. Many of these can have an impact on your posture and in turn mess with your comfort levels. As your baby grows and becomes heavier, your center of gravity shifts, and your posture has to adjust accordingly. Some of the more common ailments include; a protruding abdomen that puts pressure on your lower back, changes to your pelvis as the baby grows, and changes in your posture as a result of the extra weight.

Regular visits with a chiropractor can help you to fully see how chiropractors help you when in pain by making small adjustments to problem areas to realign problem areas. A recent study showed that up to 90% of women who used a chiropractor during their pregnancy reported some pain relief. And unlike many other forms of treatment which could involve drugs, no adverse effects were reported by any woman in the study. As always though, it is important to consult with your physician to weigh all options and risks before entering into any sort of treatment.

According to the study’s authors this means that, “The results suggest that chiropractic treatment was safe in these cases and support the hypothesis that it may be effective for reducing pain intensity.”

Pregnancy Can Actually Be The Perfect Time To Start With A Chiropractor Because Of Ligament Laxity

There’s some who think that pregnancy is actually one of the easier times for realignments due to a pregnant women’s natural ability of joint flexibility. In a normal pregnancy, the body actually has more give to it to allow for the natural physical changes that are happening. Some chiropractors actually argue that this makes it easy to use chiropractic techniques on a pregnant woman.

"When women are pregnant, you can almost blow on them to make the adjustment because of the ligament laxity [due to hormones]," says Carol Phillips in a recent interview with WebMD. Phillips is a chiropractor in Richfield, Minn., whose practice deals almost exclusively with pregnant women. "You just put your hands in the right position to allow the muscles to make the adjustment."

Sheilagh Weymouth is another pregnancy focused chiropractor in New York who agrees that this is a great time for women to manage their discomfort with this natural process.

"Many of these discomforts are really a combination of the hormonal changes, where the ligaments are relaxing, and biomechanical changes, which result from [a] very fast increase in weight that isn't evenly distributed, which causes the joints to become misaligned," says Weymouth. "By alleviating the source of the misalignment, you alleviate the symptoms."

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start, Do Your Research And Figure Out Which Chiropractor Is Best For You

This has become such a popular time for pregnant women to figure out how chiropractors help you when in pain that many chiropractic offices now offer special tables or cushions that drop away to leave room for the belly. That’s why it’s so important to do the research so that you can figure out the best one for you.

"I'd ask if they've had specialized training beyond what they've had in chiropractors' school and whether they treat pregnant women all the time," says Dr. Phillips, who also teaches postgraduate seminars in obstetrics in addition to her chiropractic practice. "There are many chiropractors specializing in women and children."

So if you’re someone who has been wondering how chiropractors help you when in pain from pregnancy, maybe now is the right time to get online, find your perfect match, and get some relief that you’ve been craving. The right chiropractor could be a great way to improve your wellbeing during this magical time. That way you can be right, present, and enjoy the wonder of bringing a new person into the world.
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