Choosing a Right Colour Scheme for Your Baby Bedroom

When You Don’t Know the Gender of Your Baby

For those parents-to-be who already know the gender of their baby, it can seem much easier to choose the right colour scheme. On the other side of things, the parents who are leaving the gender as a surprise, it can be a bit trickier to settle on that perfect colour palette. For those who don’t know, picking gender neutral shades usually work best.

It used to be that yellow was that gender neutral shade that all expectant parents would pick, but times have changed and yellow is no longer the only option. Soft shades of green, lilac, purple, blue, and even grey can work in any baby’s room. What you can do is leave the accessories until the baby is born and then use those as the pops of colour that fit their gender and personality if you want.

Let the Colour Scheme Flow Through the Furniture as Well

Nursery furniture has also come a long way in terms of modernisation. Where white furniture went through a huge moment within the last decade, now things have really opened up and you’ll find nursery furniture sets in a wide range of colours and finishes. One of the trendiest colours of the moment is a soft dove grey. Not only does it look modern, but it also works with both genders.

Some parents are choosing to let the furniture be the focal point in the room now too by choosing bright bold shades of blue, pink, yellow, or even a dark wood. If you pick a bold furniture colour, just be sure to balance it out with a soft neutral colour on the walls.

Remember the Colour Scheme Has to Make Sense for a Few Years

Another tip to remember is that you aren't just decorating a baby's room, you are in fact decorating a child's room. Unless you plan on redecorating yearly, it's wise to think of the long-term. Will that colour palette work as they get a bit older? Fresh colours like cool minty greens, coral and even navy can work as long-term colours that you can update through the accents in the room.

A Room Your Baby Will Love

Picking the colour scheme for your baby’s room and spending the time to think it through will give them a room they not only enjoy as a baby but as they grow.

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