6 Tips When Choosing Bath Towels for Children

Bath towels and washcloths are available in every supermarket, hypermarket, and lots of shops in a variety of size, shape and price. That being said, selecting the bath towels or a washcloth is incredibly easy as you come to the shop, choose the one and make a hole in your wallet.

Nonetheless, it is a daunting task once you purchase the bath towels for kids. Do you know the reason? We have pointed out some key things and tips for you to get the right towels or the proper washcloths for your baby and children right away.

1. Avoid judge a towel or a washcloth for the first time

We usually judge a towel or a washcloth by its softness in the shop for the first time we touch the surface. However, most of the manufacturers often add softeners to the cloth of a towel to make a towel softer.

After a few cleanings, you might have a rougher towel that you have to get a big excuse that you had bargained for. The products for children need to be careful on choosing the softness as the skin irritation comes from this element for your child.

You could also choose many towels that have the animal themes to make your baby and your toddlers love the bathing time.

2. Discover the materials of a towel or a washcloth

A real towel or a washcloth for children refer to the material of the cloth. Generally, the cotton fiber automatically attracts water, and it could hold more than 20 times its weight in the liquid.

A combed cotton ensures the softness around the surface, but it still keeps the towel sturdy and prevents pilling to build the comfort.

With a kid towel, you should select the microfiber material to become the best product for babies and toddlers.

3. The dimensions of a towel or a washcloth

An appropriate towel for your child also relies on the size you choose for them. In general, the proper sizes for a child towel ranges between 45 x 91 (inches) and 52 x 97.4 (inches).

For those who have a newborn, you need to buy a different size of a towel because these dimensions are not suitable for them. In this case, you should choose another dimension for your baby - 26 x 45.4 x 52 (inches).

4. The thickness of a towel or a washcloth

Another important point that most of the parents always miss out is paying attention to the thickness of a towel. But now, you need to draw attention to the GSM indicator which labeled on a towel from a manufacturer.

  • From 200 to 400 GSM: a towel does not have the great thickness with a low quality
  • From 400 to 500 GSM: the thickness catches an average level
  • From 600 to 700 GSM: the thickness gets the right level for the children towels and newborns
  • Over 700 GSM: the thickness have the best level for children and newborns
  • Over 800 GSM: a towel is very thick and it is not suitable for children

5. The local weather

In the hot weather, a cotton towel is much more comfortable and breathable for your children. Moreover, your washing process reduced as the towel has a right thickness to decrease its weight. However, in the winter, you need to choose a thicker towel as it will make your kid more lukewarm when changing the bathroom to another room.

6. Read the care label carefully before washing

Sometimes, you do not pay attention to the care label on a towel as you think that towels have the same washing method. However, each of towel made different materials, standards, and methods, so it is critical to read the care label from the manufacturer.

Do it wash in the washing machine? Do it wash by hand only? What soap does it need? Is it suitable for using your soap on the hard water? Do you need to use hot water to wash the towels? There are tons of questions with lots of factors you have to find out and follow these key factors on the label.

For the machine wash, the hottest temperature is recommended with similar colors depending on the producers.


Choose the right washcloth and towels for your baby is not difficult, but you have some tricks and take a little time to select these products before adding the product to your cart. On the flip side, these products are also incredible for your babies and toddlers as they need them under the circumstances like their main clothes and feeding bottles.

Parents should add towels as an important part in your children’s list whether they are babies or toddlers. You can make two groups of their washcloths – one group for drying their head or their face and one group for drying their entire body.

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