Necklaces 101: Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Necklace

One of the most versatile jewelry pieces that one can own is a necklace. Necklaces can be worn in different ways because they are available in various lengths and designs. Whether you are someone who is looking for a necklace with endless pearl strands, a prized pendant, or a simple chain in gold, you will surely find one that will suit your style and any occasion.

Here are some considerations when choosing the perfect necklace.

Your Physical Attributes

The perfect necklace will enhance your overall look, which is why it is always best to pay attention to your physical attributes when choosing a necklace. The shape of your face, your body type, and your height will all play significant roles in choosing the right necklace.

Shape Of Your Face

Necklaces can frame your face. That is why it is essential to take the shape of your face into consideration. If you have an oval and round shape face, then you need to avoid collars and chokers. These kinds of necklaces will only accentuate your face’s roundness.

Now, if you have an oblong or square face, then it would be best to choose necklaces with a short length. Shorter ones will help soften your jawline’s angles. Short necklaces are also perfect for long, diamond, and heart-shaped faces because it will shorten the vertical length of your face and provide balance.

Your Body Type

  • Athletic—Athletic figures will benefit from lariat, rope, and long opera necklaces. These types of necklaces will help give an illusion of an elongated frame.
  • Full figured—The best necklace length for full-figured women are the ones that fall above the bust and below your collar. The shorter length of an opera style, the matinee, or the long princess would be ideal.
  • Pear—For pear-shaped figures, 18” to 24” matinee and princess necklaces are ideal as these will help draw someone's eye upward.
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    Inverted triangle—The inverted-triangle body type has a smaller waist and broader shoulders, and best necklaces for this body type are the rope and longer opera necklaces.
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    Hourglass—For hourglass frames, the necklace should ideally sit at your bust. This look can be achieved with a matinee or princess necklace.

Your Height

For women who are 5’9” or taller in height, longer necklaces are recommended. If your height is between 5’4” and 5’9”, any length of necklace would be fine.

Length of the Necklace

How do you choose the right necklace length based on your outfit? Here’s a guide:

+ Choker: 12” to 14”

Choker necklaces are the ones that fit close to your neck. If your neck is one of your best features, then a choker can highlight it. This necklace length is best worn with an open, V, or scooped neckline.

+ Collar: 15” to 16”

Collar necklaces are the ones that fit around your neck’s base. This means that collar necklaces will give more room compared to the choker. If you are looking for a statement piece with more room, then collar necklaces would be best. This length is perfect for open necklines and strapless tops and for petite women.

+ Princess: 17” to 19”

Princess necklaces are the most common length and they usually fall below or on the collarbone itself. This kind of necklace can fit anyone and almost any outfit.

+ Matinee: 20” to 24”

Matinee necklaces fall just below your collarbone or, sometimes, at the center of the bust. If you find the princess necklace too short, then the matinee would be perfect. If you are fond of turtlenecks and button-down shirts, this length is for you.

+ Opera: 25” to 35”

Opera necklaces fall below your bust, which is the length of most strands of pearls. This kind of necklace is perfect for formal attire. Tall ladies will look good in this necklace as well as curvy and plus-size women.

+ Lariat or rope: 36” and above

Lariat or rope necklaces fall farther or on the navel itself. This is also best suited for tall women. If you aren’t gifted with height, you can wrap it around your neck multiple times for a layered look. This is also a good jewelry for a formal attire.


Now that we’ve covered the basics, the best tip when buying a necklace is to try it on with your outfit if possible. If you’re shopping online, look for the description of the necklace and use a string of the same length to gauge where your necklace will fall. Go here to check some of the best necklaces that will enhance not only your physical attributes but your outfit and overall look as well.

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