A Single Moment Can Change Your Entire Life: 4 Most Common Types of Slip and Fall Incidents

With statistics showing that well over a million hospital (accident and emergency) cases relate to slip and fall incidents, there’s no denying this is a problem that should be addressed. The severity of a slip and fall, sometimes referred to as ‘Slip and trip,’ can vary from case to case.

From small little bumps and knocks to broken bones and even a fatality, slip and fall incidents are not to be taken lightly.

However, by being mindful of the causes of slip and fall incidents, you can actively avoid them happening to you.

Today, we’re going to explore four of the most common types/causes of slip and fall incidents, giving you everything you need to know to keep yourself safe and sound.

#1 - Unsafe Surfaces

As the term slip and fall suggests, this is where you can slip and fall on something, which is typically indicates something on the floor, which is by far the most common cause of these accidents.

Most commonly, an uneven surface, perhaps one that’s damaged, can cause a slip and fall accident, especially if there’s something sticking up out of it. What’s more, another cause of unsafe surface is if the floor is wet, this is usually an accident waiting to happen.

#2 - Poor Weather Conditions

While the surface you’re walking on may be suitable for walking and has nothing wrong with it, sometimes it can be the weather conditions you’re exposed that can cause the trip and falls. Most commonly, this will occur with less than desirable weather conditions.

These include rain, which makes the surfaces wet, and then slippery conditions like snow and ice. If you need to venture outside during these kinds of weather, make sure you’re prepared by being extra mindful of what you’re doing, as well as wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear.

#3 - Trip Hazards

Easily the second most common form of slip and fall accident is having objects, items, cables, wires, and other things laying around that can cause a trip hazard. It’s so important to make sure you’re putting everything away and being mindful of anything left out.

If you’re in an official place of work, it’s important to make sure this is implemented as a rule that is enforced strictly to prevent this being a problem. If you have legal problems, visit The Millar Law Firm for professional assistance.

#4 - Unsuitable Footwear

Sometimes, it isn’t the surface or place you’re in that can cause a slip and trip accident, but rather the footwear you’re wearing which is unsuitable to where you are. For example, if you’re in an ice rink, having anything other than skates would be considered unsuitable, and would lead to you falling over.

If you want to prevent this kind of accident, you need to make sure the shoes you’re wearing are comfortable and the right size, as well as having the right amount of grip for wherever you are.


As you can see, while some slip and fall accidents cannot be avoided and will inevitably happen, it’s important to make sure you’re mindful of what’s around you and what can potentially reduce the chances of an accident. The more mindful you can be, the less likely you’ll be to have an accident.

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