Daddy Time Letting Your Baby Bond with His Father

Many mothers subconsciously estrange their babies from their fathers and only start letting go when the baby is much older and its a little too late. It is natural for every mother to want her baby as close as possible every single moment, especially in the first few months after birth. Its motherly nature. You should, however, allow your partner to spend some time with the baby too. Let them bond and form a special connection so that the baby understands who 'dada' is. It is a pure sight, and you also get to rest for a while. Here are some ways the baby could bond with his father:


This is not a very common way of da-baby bonding, especially when the mother is breastfeeding. This is usually a strictly mom-only moment where the mum and the baby bond. This, however, does not mean that the dad can't get involved in feeding the baby. If the baby is formula-fed, the better. Mom and dad can take turns to feed and burp the baby. If you are breastfeeding, you can also consider pumping some milk and letting the dad feed the baby from a bottle. This should go on even when the baby weans.


Babies love cuddles, and they like them even better when its dada giving them. You could the dad lie down with the baby and rock them to sleep or just play with them. This helps the baby learn his dad's face, and with time, discover who he is. This is also an excellent excuse to get some time alone to shower, rest, cook, or even take a nap.


You could have the dad cuddle up or rock the baby to sleep. He could sing or read a bedtime story or even changing the baby’s diaper. This helps the baby get familiar with the father’s voice and warm up to it. It is also a great way of ending a long and tiresome day. It could also be one of the sweetest da-baby moments you will ever witness.

Diaper Changing

Your partner will certainly object to changing the baby's diaper and may not do so until you convince them, or show them just how tired you are. It may not sound like a good way of bonding with the baby, but the little one will surely appreciate seeing dada make funny faces as he removes the wet thing on his bum and replaces it with something dry and comfy. You could take turns with him and get some rest as he goes about it. Check out the stylish diaper bags which you can easily carry wherever you go.

Good Morning Hugs And Kisses!

You could let the dad pick up the baby from the bed once in a while. It will be the first face the baby will see that day and will not likely forget it if he does so often enough. Meanwhile, you could stand in a corner and just marvel at how adorable it is when he tickles the baby and gives him some smooches.

Don’t deny your partner a chance to bond with the baby. It could adversely affect their future relationships.

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