10 Awesome DIY Ideas for Decorating a 2-year old’s Bedroom

Every parent wishes to give their child a room they can enjoy and feel comfortable in. Parents want to make the room pleasing for the child, as well as a place for them to learn and have fun. 

However, it can be difficult deciding the best decor for a toddler. Fortunately, there are many great ideas for decorating a 2-year old's bedroom that the child and the parents will enjoy.

Personalize the room

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A child's bedroom should have things that the child will enjoy. It is also important to create a room that they can feel is truly theirs.

Although a 2-year-old may not be able to tell their parents exactly what they want in their room, parents can usually determine many of the things the child responds well to or really enjoys. It can also be fun to allow them to help with creating items for their room.

Dream catcher

Many children can feel scared sleeping in their own bedroom. Adding a dreamcatcher to the decor can be a great way to ease the little one's fears. Parents can use a creative DIY dreamcatcher to catch good dreams for their child. Dreamcatchers are rather easy to create and can make the perfect rainy-day project for any little one.

First, start with a cross-stitch hoop. Next, take a few strips of lacy material and stretch them across the center hoop and secure it with the outer hoop. Next, take a blunt needle and attach string or yarn to the needle. Allow the little one to string the yarn through the lace in a pattern of their choosing. They can also add beads to the string throughout their stitching. Once complete, tie the string securely to the hoop. Finally, tie a few long pieces of string to the bottom of the loop. Allow the child to choose some beads and feathers to tie to the end of each string. Hang the dreamcatcher on the wall near the child's bed. This will help them get a good night sleep in their new room.

Favorite characters

Whether the child has a favorite book, cartoon or movie, there are often characters within those stories that the child really enjoys. Unfortunately, at this age, those favorites can change rather quickly. This can make it difficult to create a theme around a particular character.

Wall appliques or stickers can be the perfect option for creating a room decor around a particular character. These can be easily applied to the walls. If and when the child changes their favorite character, the applique can be peeled off and replaced with another. This can allow a parent to keep the room personalized to the child's wishes without completely changing the room every few months. 

These appliques can be purchased in various characters and themes; however, they can carry a rather large price. Fortunately, there are DIY methods for creating wall stickers. All it takes is some contact paper, scissors, stencils, and a good idea. This can allow the child's room to become a beautiful work of art any child would love without costing a fortune.

Artwork chandelier

Another great way to personalize a child's room is by creating a chandelier out of their drawings. Children love to create drawings and pictures of their family and the things they see every day. Creating this chandelier can show the little one that their work can be the foundation of this work of art.

Take an old lamp shade and remove the material to expose the metal frame. Wrap the metal with colorful material using crafting glue or a hot glue gun. Using colorful strings or ribbons, attach the child's drawings and paper crafts to the lampshade. At the top of the lampshade, attach a sturdy wire to hang from the child's ceiling. 

Creative area

Many parents want to promote learning in their child. There are many products and toys on the market that claim to boost intelligence in children. However, the best way a parent can promote learning in children is to allow a child to use their imagination. Creating various areas in the room that can allow a child to express their creativity can be the best way to encourage learning in their children.

DIY chalkboard table

A chalkboard table can be a fun way to let a little one uses their creativity over and over again. Any small and sturdy table with a flat surface will work for this project. Many stores sell inexpensive side tables that will work perfectly for this project.

Chalkboard paint can also be conveniently found in many department stores. The spray can type is probably the easiest to use for this project. Simply apply two coats of the chalkboard paint on the table top, allowing to each coat to dry completely. Finally, condition the paint by applying a coat of chalk to the entire board and erase. This fun little table can provide hours of creative play for any child.

Story and dress up station

Storytime is a great way to get children interested in reading. Adding various costumes that match the story can allow a child to really interact with the story. Creating a story and dress up station can provide a fun area for any child's room.

All that is needed is a sturdy three shelved bookshelf. Remove the bottom shelf from the bookshelf and add a tension curtain rod, similar to those used in a shower. The bookshelf can be painted to match the room's decor. Books can be placed on the top shelf and costumes can be hung on the curtain rod. Red curtains can even be added to the front of the bookshelf to give a more theatrical flair.

Teepee reading nook

A teepee can be a fun and exciting addition to any child's room. It can provide a quiet space for them to read, relax or just let their imagination run wild. All that is needed is four 6-foot dowels, some screws and washers, a little rope, and some sturdy material, such as a canvas drop cloth. With just a little ingenuity, a beautiful teepee can be created.

Easy clean-up

Even at a young age, it is important to show a child the importance of a clean and tidy room. The best ideas for decorating a 2-year old's bedroom include areas for storage. There are many storage containers and shelves that are relatively cheap that can be perfect to store all the little one's items.

Wood crate storage

Wood crates can be the perfect item to create all sorts of storage in a child's bedroom. These handy items can be painted with various colors to match the decor of the child's room. They can be used separately throughout the room to hold toys and other items. They can even be fastened together or to the wall to create a unique shelving system.

PVC shoe rack

Children tend to have a lot of shoes. One way to keep those shoes in an organized manner is to create a PVC shoe rack. PVC pipe is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware store. They can even cut the pipe to the desired sizes needed to hold a pair of children's shoes. Once the pipe is purchased, they can be painted in colors to match the child's room. From there, these pipes can be easily glued together with gorilla glue or PVC cement in a unique design for the room.


Creating a child's bedroom does not have to be a difficult or expensive process. There are many ideas for decorating a 2-year old's bedroom available to help create a unique and beautiful space for the little one to grow, learn and enjoy.

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