6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Driving With A Baby For A Safe Journey

New parents face many difficulties while raising a baby and trying to adjust their lifestyle according to their new born baby’s needs. One of which is driving. Driving is already stressful enough. But driving with a baby it’s a whole different challenge.

 According to a poll, more than 78% new parents admitted to making dangerous mistakes and neglecting traffic rules while driving with their babies. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad parents, just that they are not used to driving with a baby or little kids yet. So, here are some tips that can help new parents avoid potential accidents when they’re out on the road with their.

Having a Car Seat is a Must

Probably, all parents know this that a car seat for babies is a must during trips. However, what most parents don’t know is that you need to get it professionally installed. A car seat is specially designed by keeping in view the comfort and safety of children. You might make mistakes while installing it yourself or start unaware of some of its features. Therefore, you need to consider two very important things in mind regarding baby car seats. First, buy one that is suitable for your child’s age. And second, hire a pro to get it installed.

Plan the Journeys according to your baby’s schedule

The biggest things new parents fear is a fussy baby that starts crying during a drive. This is especially nerve-wrecking when only one parent is present. Sure, you might pull the car aside but that would mean losing valuable time and being late for appointments.

The easiest solution to this is to plan your journey according to your baby’s schedule. Babies younger than one year sleep a lot and have specific times when they wake up and need to be fed. As a parent you must be aware of them. That’s why, try to play your trip during your baby’s nap time. Make sure to feed him or her and change the diaper before starting the journey.

Take plenty of breaks in between

Breaks while driving and especially during long journeys are significant to preventing accidents. It becomes even more important when driving with a baby. Take a break when your baby wakes up from his/her nap. You can feed them or change their diapers as well. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for you to rest and stretch your muscles too.

Do not over-speed to make up for the lost time

Plenty of breaks are good, however, they might cost you a lot of time. Most drivers over-speed to make up for it. Which is simply a recipe for dangerous accidents, not to mention a speeding ticket and fines. While traffic lawyers Parramatta can get you out of it, there’s no one who can bring back a life. Always keep in mind to not over-speed while driving with a baby.

 The solution to this is to plan the trip accounting in the time for breaks and keeping them short.

Keep your baby’s attention occupied

Very young baby usually just need a comfortable environment to sleep and be well-fed. However, babies older than one year require more effort to keep their attention occupied. In order to do this, you can play soothing music or colorful animations in the car. Furthermore, you can give them non-toxic toys to play with or crayons to draw.

Take care of Yourself

Ensuring the comfort and safety of your child is important but one thing that’s holds even more significance is the well-being of the parent. If you’re tired and fatigued due to lack of sleep and constantly working too hard, you’re more likely to make mistakes while driving. That’s why make certain to get a good night’s sleep before going on long journeys and keep the distractions away. Do not multitask like attending a call, checking emails, eating food, etc while driving.

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