Features To Look For When Getting A Swim Spa

Swimming is considered as an exercise with lots of of health benefits. Because of this, public pools tend to quickly get flocked, especially over the weekends as people come to relax and exercise.

To avoid such inconveniences, you can easily buy and install a swim spa in your home. It is more beneficial compared to typical pools.

It is easier to follow a healthy swimming routine when you are in the comfort of your swimming spa. When searching for a swim spa, it is essential to know what you are going for and the specifications you want.

Being prepared with a list of features for your above ground swim spa will make the purchase process easy. Here are a few things to look for.

1. Comfort, Design and Massage

Various designs meet every owner's needs. Before making a purchase, climb into the swim spa and try fitting in the seats. Ensure the seats are ergonomically designed to fit your body comfortably.

This comes in handy when needing the best soaking and massaging experience. If the seat feels uncomfortable when trying out, find another swim spa as the chair is likely not to fit even when wet.

Check to ensure that the swim spa has enough foot to accommodate more than two bathers. You are at liberty to ask if it has multi-level seating that will allow any body type to sit in. Another design to look out for is safety steps that you can use when climbing in. Always opt for one with safety steps to avoid the inconvenience of having to use a stool or chair to climb in it.

The most desirable design of a swim spa is its massage capabilities. Learn more about the jets because they are essential during the massage process. To avoid corrosion, select jets without any bearings but have optimized hydraulics. It ensures there is an even flow of water from every jet.

2. Insulation

Ask to ensure that the swim spa conforms to the Commission for Environmental Co-operation (CEC) standards. You can also confirm by asking how long it takes to filter water.

The swim spa is more energy-efficient if filtration takes less time. Avoid foam filled swim spas as they are costly, especially when fixing an issue. Make sure that it also has an adjustable venting.

Choose a swim spa with insulation that keeps the water warm and allows performance over the winter without making your bills rise. A good swim spa is efficient, quick servicing and has the best economic performance. See more insights here https://tubtopia.com/swim-spa-installation/

3. Swim Experience

The swim experience of a swim spa is the feature that ensures everything required for swimming is running smoothly. These are;

  • Pump design- the size and power of the plumbing system determine the swimming experience.
  • Swim jet system- as you shop, ensure the jet system has a consistent flow rate. In return, a constant flow rate provides a flat and powerful current with no turbulences.
  • Control panel- have a swim spa with a control panel that a swimmer can dial in to adjust the resistance to their desired result. A dial-in resistance panel allows one to train in intervals.
  • Shell design- choose a shell design that keeps a swimmer in their swimming lane with focus points like swim lines. Ensure that the shell design is functional; the location and styling of the seats should please you as the buyer.

4. Ease of Maintenance

Choose a swim spa that is easy to service. Instead of waiting on technicians every time an issue occurs, ask the salesperson to show you basic maintenance skills and access to essential systems. The two most essential skills are;

  • Filtration- if dirt is light enough, it will float on the surface of your swim spa, but if it is heavy, it will sink. Make sure to ask the salesperson how long it takes to filter all the water. Ensure your swim spa has a skimmer and a floor vacuum. These two will respectively help remove floating debris and clean the bottom of your swim spa. If your preferred swim spa does not have either of the two, you will have to buy separately.
  • Disinfection- all pools and spas are regularly disinfected to keep the water safe to use. Buy a swim spa with an in-line chemical feeder instead of a floating dispenser. Click here to read more.


Buy your swim spa from a company or manufacturer that has been in business for a long time. They can provide a record of their previous sales and know all the designs available in the market.

You can also search up the company and check for customer reviews on their websites. It is wise to buy from a legit local company to cut transportation costs. Your friends, family, or colleagues can also recommend to you good companies and models they have used before.

Other minor considerations to make when buying a swim spa are water features, lights, and fragrance dispenser, to mention a few. 

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