8 Must-Have Things For Flying With Baby Under 2 Years

The idea of flying with your baby is one of the most common reasons for stress. No one hopes to bring a lot of luggage and go through the airport with an unhappy kid in tow. And worse than that, the thought of keeping them still-seated and quiet for hours can be a terrifying experience for parents!

Sure enough, there are so many things to consider before starting your family holiday peacefully and comfortably! Here we’ve got a full list of 8 must-have items for flying with your baby under two years of age


You just cannot go through the airport without bringing your baby carrier since it leaves your two hands free to tackle other bags and luggages. This item also helps you to keep your baby seated in her place when you have to get through the security or verify your identity.

Greater than thought, having a baby carrier has never been a bad idea whenever you have to move through the aisle on the plane and walk to my seat.


Remember to bring a good breastmilk cooler that is packed with plenty of ice packs as well as other empty milk bottles for greater convenience. Such milk storage containers should contain over 3 oz, which is perfect for your quick storage of your breastmilk.

When declaring them at the airport security, they should be empty, and it’s you who must ask the agent to use their clean gloves before starting to inspect them. After the inspection, you can seal the cooler with a duck tape.


If not having any hand sanitizer while flying with your baby, then it can be a bad thing for sure. We both know that every airport and airplane is full of germs, so nobody wants to be sick right from the start of their journey. You can choose to buy a pocket sanitizer hand gel, which has an ideal size for travel.

Use these gels to clean your baby’s hands after he or she touches the tray desks and even windows as well as before having snacks.


Snacks can entertain your baby and keep him happy for a certain period. Don’t miss a box of many funny animal crackers, which is such a smart travel snack to fly with the kid. They’re just fun to eat, not to mention the cracker box can turn out to be a travel toy after the kid finishes all snacks.

Parcel a handful of snacks rather than you bring along a big snack item, and don’t forget to include one of these in your bag: dried-yogurt drops, yellow box Cheerios, Edamame, mango strips, or other cereal bars. 


What if your pacifier for baby has just dropped down onto the floor? It’s really bad for the kid’s health if re-using it again! No worry appears once you bring along some pacifier clips. With them, you can freely clip it onto your baby’s tee during the plane journey.

Choose the durable clips that can stay still with such adorable patterns. Write your little angel’s name onto it in case the clip gets lost. Hurry to put it in your bag and then no more lost, or dirty pacifiers occur again!


The whole flight with kids would be rough, especially when they easily get bored and begin flying into a tantrum. So the best item you need at that time is a tablet installed with kid’s apps. It’ll help them feel joyful, starting to take a load off his or her mom or daddy’s shoulders.

You also need to ensure each app that is usable even offline so that you can bring it to a light at any time. They can be alphabet apps, Math apps, Reading apps, or any fun interactive ones.


Let your kids be a part of the whole traveling experience. It usually means bring along their unique luggage with wheels. Place a few toys, picture books and snacks for the ride. The babies will love picking up any item they love. These should be made of hard plastic to ensure the highest durability and sturdiness.

However, the luggage must be light with all wheels to dodge the kids from toppling down. Feel free to see them as your little angels’ toys since they can ride even at the airport.


A Baby video monitor is surely able to work any place, which allows every parent to observe their infants perfectly on the video screen. It should be tiny and easy to use so that we get to bring it along whenever we decide to settle for vacation. Besides, the tool comes in handy even in a noisy environment.

A video about the Samsung baby monitor you might love to experience:

Now you don’t have to worry so much since if the baby is crying, it’s possible to hear all and even see your little angel. Not just watching over the baby, but you also get to remove the burden to make your vacation more fun and relaxing!

Phew, what a lot of stuff to remember on a flight with a baby under two years of age, right? After reading our recommended list of must-have items for traveling, you will surely know the best practices to make for a better family traveling experience! So how about you? Is there anything you’ve already traveled with that we just missed?

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