A Mom’s Guide to Purchasing a New Car

As a mother, you will need to consider a lot of things when you want to buy a new car. Your days of driving sports cars and sexy convertibles are over. Your priority in a car will be safety, ease of access, security and size. As a result, purchasing a car for your family can get a bit complicated. Luckily, we have a list of what you should consider when purchasing a car for your family.

1. Space and More Space

Whenever you ask any parent what they consider as one of the most important aspects of a family car, overall car space is always their first answer. This is why the most popular family cars are SUVs and Vans. You should, therefore, go for a car with a lot of space so that your family can have enough space to stretch out while you take them for a drive in the park.

If you have one child, your needs will be different from that of a mother with several children. A car with more space will allow your family some room for expansion. Most mothers always forget that their families will change with time.

2. Price of the Car

As a mom, you are definitely living within a budget. You will, therefore, need to decide on buying a car that you can afford. It’s important that you choose a car that you can afford since you have more than yourself to take care of. Your children are fully dependent on you to cater for all their needs.

Avoid falling into purchases that will strain your budget and put you beyond your means. As you plan for your family’s car purchase, you should look hard at your income and savings.

3. Large Trunk and Folding Down Back Seats

The size of the trunk also matters when buying your family’s car. You will need a trunk that can allow you to fit your baby’s double stroller and other heavy luggage. It’s also vital for your car to have back seats that can be folded down.

In case you want to go camping with your family, you will need to fold down your car’s backseat to fit your camping gear and your family luggage.

4. Ability to Fit in Multiple Car Seats Safely

The ability of your car to fit multiple car seats and booster seats safely is not a negotiable quality when looking for a car to buy for your family. As a mom, fitting an extra car seat safely in your car’s middle row for your little rug-rat should be very crucial.

This is because you might decide to carpool other children to school besides yours. The seatbelt system of the car should also be able to accommodate extra car seats and booster seats.

5. Safety Features in Your Car

As a mother, when buying a car, your family’s safety will be one of your top priorities. You will need to consider the child safety rating of any car before you purchase it. I would recommend that you go for a car that has a five-star safety rating.

6. Number of Doors

Every mom wants a car with four doors so that their kids can access the car easily. However, the doors should have the automatic lock feature. Luckily, many family vans now have this luxurious feature.

7. Where You Live

What environment do you live in with your family? Do you live in the Snow Belt where every winter season is an endurance test? If you live in an area where it rains or snows regularly, then you will need to buy a vehicle with an all-wheel drive transmission system.

If you live in a place where heat and dust are a staple of your environment, you will need to invest in a vehicle with additional ground clearance.

8. Purpose of the Car

Do you plan to tow a trailer or a boat on your car? Would you like to head up with your family to the mountains to hike? All these will affect the type of car that you buy for your family. Apart from using your car as an everyday family car, you will also need your car when you are going on a family road trip.

9. Entertainment Features

During long drives, your kids can get bored. It will be a good thing to buy a car with entertainment features so that your kids will be entertained during that long drive to grandma’s place. Your car should have a DVD player or a CD changer to keep your kids entertained.

10. Kids Friendly Special Features

These special features will vary depending on your personal taste. However, most mothers would prefer cars with cup holders in the back for their kids, separate vent controls for children and window shades that are inbuilt to facilitate toddler naps.

11. Bluetooth in Car Phone System

While driving your kids, you will be putting the lives of your family members at risk if you drive while texting or holding your phone. This is why when you are choosing a family car; you should go for one that has an inbuilt Bluetooth system.

This will allow you to connect your phone wirelessly to your car’s audio system. Some Bluetooth systems can even read your texts loud for you and reply them.

12. Automatic Car Starter

Starting your car while at the same time holding your toddler in your arms can be very difficult at times. However, with a remote keyless system, starting your car will be as easy as pressing a button.


There you have it regarding how to buy a new car for your family. You can, therefore, enjoy your new minivan, SUV or whatever car you have decided to buy for your family. By buying the right car for your family, you will be able to balance your family’s car requirements in space, style, functionality, and value.

Keep in mind that shopping for your family car can provide you and your children with bonding time, so you can bring your kids along to the showroom and have fun.

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