How to Handle an Adolescent

Every parent wants their child to live a safe, happy childhood. With a child entering the teenage years a whole slew of new challenges. Rather than worrying about dirty diapers, your job now becomes teaching your kids about the adult world, while still protecting them from it.

You know your child better than anyone. They aren’t just a teen, they’re your teen. The middle and high school years are some of the most rewarding times in parenting. At the same time, it is important to be prepared for the new tests that await.

Knowing the common issues many parents run into can help you to prevent them. Here are some of the most important warnings to help parents prepare for the dreaded adolescent years!

Bullying and Cyberbullying

One of the biggest concerns among parents of teens is the bullying trend common in adolescents. Especially with the presence of cell phones and social media, cyberbullying is a major issue. It is important, therefore, to set limits on screen time and to know what your child is experiencing.

 There are a few great systems for dealing with bullying. One of the most important is communication. If you can maintain open and honest communication with your child, they are more likely to share the stressors they are experiencing with you. When they reach out, you can take time to solve problems with them and help them through the experience.

Drugs and Alcohol Safety

Many parents simply aren’t willing to face that some things can become an issue for their child. The abuse of drugs and alcohol is rampant in teens. It can be prevented though if parents are aware of the ways it begins to happen.

Read up on the ways to get high at home. This way, you can get rid of potentially dangerous items before they’re used. Knowing the warning signs will also help you catch any unhealthy tendencies early in your child.

Having “The Talk”

Don’t feel alone when it comes to how to talk to your adolescent about their body. Consult the numerous resources available to help you properly explain the birds and the bees.

Something important to remember is that your child is incredibly curious. You may only be able to teach them the basics before they cover their ears and leave. Don’t be discouraged by this, they might prefer to do their own research. Perhaps provide them with a few resources they can check out themselves in their own time. These can be books, videos, or even educational websites.

Independence, Curfews, and Rule Changes

Adolescence is a period of bargaining between parent and child. We are getting rid of old rules and setting new ones. Your child doesn’t need a babysitter, but they will need a curfew. Setting boundaries and sticking to them is hard with a temperamental teen. Sticking to your rules though is rewarding and teaches valuable lessons.

When times get tough, remember that your teen is still your baby and you raised them. Inside of them is curiosity, fear, and confusion. Their world is simultaneously expanding and crashing together. They need guidance and stability out of life. A good parent can provide this for them.

Your Adolescent Is Unique

Just like you, your adolescent is their own person. No matter how you parent, they will still make their own choices in life. Knowing these helpful tips and tricks on what to look out for can certainly be helpful though. Keep your child safe through this difficult transitional time by looking out for these common issues faced by modern teens.

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