5 Ways To Help You Feel Fresh After A Sleepless Night

Fall into bed and have a good, sound sleep, so that no one ever disturbed you. Wake up cheerful, full of energy, ready to take over the world… Motherhood leaves nothing but dreaming about such luxury routine. Chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, and an endless to-do list are popular companions of first-time parents. So, it’s essential to find a decent answer for the question of how to stay awake without sleep, and what’s more, stay fresh, active, and ready-to-go during the whole day.

Unfortunately, we aren’t robots, and it affects our brains greatly when we’re sleep deprived. Quick thinking, concentration, attention, ability to understand and memorize new information – all mental processes suffer, that eventually can lead to immediate dangers to the child’s health and safety. Besides, lack of sleep puts your own physical health at real risk.

1. Do Morning Exercises

Yes, I know that this one sounds rather weird, as it seems like you don’t have any energy even to move your finger, not to mention a workout. But I’m not talking about lifting weights or running a marathon – all you need is to get your blood pumping for a short period of time. A light cardio like a jog, some stretching and jumping jacks in the morning or early afternoon can have a significant stimulating effect.

Talking about morning exercise, the best way to stay awake would be to combine your training with getting plenty of sunlight. The thing is a bright light in the morning enables the brain to remain more awake. So, you can even walk your way to more energy if spending at least 20 minutes outside, having a brisk walk around the park with a stroller, or with your dog.

2. Have a Fairy Nap

This piece of advice is deservedly among moms’ favorite tricks to stay awake after a crazy night. The true secret to a power nap lies in its duration. To feel refreshed, your nap should take you from stage 1 sleep (drifting off) to stage 2 sleep (when brain activity slows), which is about 20-25 minutes. Make sure you’ve set your alarm clock in order not to sleep through this amount of time. Otherwise, you risk getting sleep inertia that may leave you feeling even worse than before your nap.

3. Eat & Drink Wisely

When you can’t have a full night’s sleep, try to help your brain work better through other body processes. One of such ways to cope with fatigue and prevent your eyes from shutting is to keep yourself hydrated. Aim for 8 glasses of water per day, drink up! Yes, it’s a very basic and popular health tip, so why don’t you follow it yet?

Also, you are as good as what you eat. Healthy eating includes fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, protein. So, for an energy boost, try food like eggs, fish, beans, nuts, leafy greens, oatmeal, yogurt. Avoid sugary snacks as they work exactly like energy drinks: they do give you a momentary boost but after the sugar wears off, they leave you feeling sluggish, more tired, and sleepy, instead of keeping you awake the whole day.

4. Magic Shower: Cold-Hot-Cold

It’s no secret low temperatures have a temporary stimulating effect when you are sleep deprived – that’s why we often wash the face with cold water in the morning. However, after a sleepless night, it’s definitely not enough.

It’s gonna be a way more efficient to start your day with a warm (not hot) shower, using a cold-hot-cold cycle at the end. It means that after you’re finished cleaning yourself up, switch to cold water for 30 seconds, after that – 30 sec of hot, and at the end – 30 seconds of cold again. Most people feel energized after such cycle, but the benefits of contrast shower go far beyond this fact.

5. Caffeine in Action

Coffee is said to be the best way to stay awake, however, it’s not the only product containing caffeine, which is the main ingredient that increases adrenaline production and blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. Nowadays there are healthy alternatives to coffee that don’t have side effects.

  • Use Coffee Wisely

Remember that coffee overdose can end up for you in a jittery and anxious state, so don’t overdo. To enhance the effect of coffee after a sleepless night, try this trick: as it takes about 15-30 min to feel the energy boost after drinking coffee, do it and have a 25-minute nap. Never drink more than two cups of coffee at once.

  • Drink Green Tea

A cup of green tea contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of espresso does. However, its side effects are much softer, while you stay cheerful for a longer time.

Time flies. Soon your child will grow up, and you won’t have the reasons to stay awake all night long. Follow our friendly tips to “endure” this difficult period without causing harm to your health, and really enjoy this time. Don’t accumulate the fatigue, use every single opportunity to have a rest, experiment. Turn the first years of your baby’s life into the happiest and most beautiful time of your life.

Written by Andrew Guerra http://thecrossfitshoes.com/

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