9 HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Men And Women

No matter what you think you know about HGH, your body needs human growth hormone at any age. With all the talk about HGH anti-aging benefits, we thought we would set the record straight.

Yes, HGH can help you look, feel, and perform like a younger version of yourself in many ways.

No, HGH is not the fountain of youth. It cannot turn back time or prevent your body from aging. The clock still ticks, the planets continue to rotate around the sun, and time will march ever onwards.

What HGH will do is ensure that your body continues to function at its maximum output.

You see, as you age, certain hormone levels in the body begin to decline. Everyone accepts this concept with menopause, and many women turn to estrogen therapy to restore hormonal balance. Some men (and women) even use testosterone therapy to reverse the symptoms of Low T.

What you may not realize is that maintaining an adequate supply of HGH throughout your life is the most essential of all hormones to protect. Without enough human growth hormone, the following areas may begin to suffer:

  • Metabolism
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Immunity
  • Brain functions
  • Heart health
  • Libido and sexual performance
  • Sleep
  • Energy

This is only a partial list of why HGH is vital for the body. There are still many more reasons to protect your human growth hormone levels. Some of the reasons have to do with optimum physiological functioning while others impact appearance or performance.

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The top 9 benefits of HGH for anti-aging are:

  • Youthful looking skin
  • Better hair growth
  • Better cell production
  • Sharper eyesight
  • Enhanced brain functions
  • Improved libido
  • Increased metabolism
  • More energy
  • Stronger immune system

When you understand these anti-aging benefits of HGH, you will see why human growth hormone therapy is essential for adults with HGH deficiency.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Skin

The first area we look at that can reap the HGH anti-aging benefits is the skin. The average adult has an estimated 35 billion skin cells, with 30,000 to 40,000 of them dying off every minute.

Our multi-layered skin needs a constant supply of new cells to maintain collagen and elastin production which keeps skin looking plump and young. Without enough new cells, collagen levels decline, leading to the thinning of skin layers, sagging, and wrinkles. You may not feel as though you are aging as fast as your skin, but what the outside world sees is aging skin.

What does HGH have to do with the skin and its many layers of cells?

One of the many functions of human growth hormone is the stimulation of insulin growth factor 1 release from the liver. This process is crucial because IGF-1 helps mediate many of the functions of HGH in the body. Perhaps the most important one is the stimulation of new cellular regeneration. By working together, IGF-1 and HGH ensure that there is a plentiful supply of new cells ready to replace those that die off from around the body.

Think about it for a minute – where else does the body require these new cells? Quite simply – everywhere! One area of importance is the internal organs that need these cells to maintain their size and functions.

Thanks to HGH therapy, many adults see their skin thicken, tighten, firm, and become more elastic within months. They look ten to twenty years younger once again.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Hair

The same HGH anti-aging benefits for the skin go to work on the hair shafts to thicken and strengthen the individual hair strands. A plentiful supply of blood cells brings nutrients to the hair follicle.

Without enough HGH in the bloodstream, the duration of the hair cycle shortens. As old hair strands fall out, thinner ones grow in their place. These weaker strands of hair break and fall out easier.

HGH helps strengthen and improve the hair, also providing thickness and shine to the strands. By the end of six months of HGH therapy, many people even notice a return of their natural hair color.

As a side note, the nails will reap the same benefits for growth and strength and the hair.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Cell Regeneration

As we continue discussing the HGH anti-aging benefits for cell regeneration, we turn to the muscles and bones. These are two areas that suffer immensely when adults have growth hormone deficiency.

Your muscles and bones make up the structural integrity of the body. HGH supplies the cells necessary to maintain their structure.

Decreased bone density can mean fractures and osteoporosis in later years. Height shrinkage is a good sign that you should check your HGH levels. You may also suffer from joint pains.

 Loss of muscle mass often equates to weakness, loss of flexibility, and muscle aches and stiffness. HGH reverses these losses and improves the body’s structural integrity.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Eyes

Eyesight, especially night vision, tends to decline as we age. We often find that the HGH anti-aging benefits extend to the eyes for many adults. One of the first changes is a decrease in the blurry vision many people notice while driving at night. Images become clearer at a farther distance.

Following the changes in night vision, some people report that they can reduce the strength of their regular distance glasses. Although not everyone will experience significant changes in eyesight to warrant a change in eyeglass strength, most individuals will notice some benefits in vision.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Brain Functions

The HGH anti-aging benefits for the brain are some of the most important to report. Your brain is home to a dense supply of human growth hormone receptor cells. These receptors stimulate learning, focus, memory, and even mood.

Adults with low HGH levels often suffer from brain fog, memory loss, poor concentration, and depression. Treatment with HGH therapy can reverse these concerns and strengthen brain functions, bringing along better mood and emotional well-being.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Libido And Sexual Performance

We have all heard the stories – as you age your libido declines. Men often suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction, whether it is an end to their morning erections, premature ejaculation, reduced orgasm frequency and strength, or inability to achieve or maintain a firm erection. Women tend to suffer from vaginal dryness and the thinning of the vaginal walls which makes intercourse painful and unpleasant.

With these changes comes a decline in feelings of sexual desire and arousal. Bring in the HGH anti-aging benefits, and you get a newly charged libido, better erectile functions, and improved vaginal secretions.

Endurance levels soar, and both men and women report more powerful orgasms and increase sexual satisfaction.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Metabolism And Weight Loss

Among the most desirable HGH anti-aging benefits is the ability to supercharge the metabolism. HGH plays a direct role in metabolic functions, helping control how the body processes the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that you consume.

As human growth hormone stimulates the metabolism into action, your body will also start to burn through stored fat. You can expect to lose approximately 7 to 10 percent of your body fat during six months of HGH. Most people accomplish this without any changes to diet or exercise. Not only will you lose fat, but you will also gain lean body mass in the form of muscle.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Energy

Of course, an added benefit of better metabolism is more energy. As your body burns through excess fat reserves, you will have that energy to use powering your daily activities. More energy equates to increased movement, resulting in the enhanced use of calories.

Thanks to the HGH anti-aging benefits of increased energy, your stamina and endurance will enable you to engage in heart-strengthening exercise. Improved cardiac and lung functions help pump more oxygen to your brain and entire body.

HGH Anti-Aging Benefits For Immune System

As oxygen levels improve in your bloodstream, your immune system starts to reap significant rewards. HGH helps strengthen your body’s immunity against outside invaders.

Among the HGH anti-aging benefits for the immune system, we see shortened recuperation times from colds and viruses that do occur. Wound healing is faster than before. Even broken bones heal quicker, getting you back to your daily life.

To find out how HGH can help you sleep better, feel stronger, and look more youthful, contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.

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