How Long Do Babies Use Swings? You shouldn’t use the swing too much

Baby swings provide a soothing and relaxing feeling that only babies can explain. Parents understand the importance of baby swings too, especially those parents with babies having hard times taking naps. Whoever invented the baby swing must have had a stubborn baby. The rhythmic swinging motion helps to calm the baby and put them to sleep no matter what mood they are in.

With the best baby swing, you don’t have to go through the trouble of calming and soothing the baby on your own since all you need to do is to put the baby in the swing and she will fall asleep on her own.

When To Introduce Your Baby To The Swing?

If you are tired of those cranky spells where your baby just can’t sleep by herself, then all you need to do is to train her on how to be in her swing. If you do this, within a few days her napping problems will be over since babies are quick to form new habits.

Newborn sleeping in baby swing and tired parents

You can use the swing right from the first week. Care must be taken to ensure that the baby does not slip and fall through the bottom. The swing will work magic on your baby, and soon she will love to be inside it.

How Long Will My Baby Tolerate The Swing?

The not so good news is that your baby won’t tolerate the swing for a long time since there will be a time when she outgrows her swing. If your child becomes active such that she will be able to climb out of her swing, then the swing ceases to be a must have item but now becomes dangerous to your baby.

If you continue using the swing, your baby will definitely try to climb out which may lead to accidents like falls. The American Academy of Paediatrics latest findings says that such accidents are one of the leading causes of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

How long will my baby tolerate the swing

There is no definite time for all babies since different babies develop at different rates. Therefore, how first your child develops will determine when to stop using a baby swing. Most babies would use their swing up to six months after which they become active. You should thus stop using baby swing the moment your baby is able to climb out to prevent accidents happening to your precious baby.

There are also weight limits for babies using swings. Babies who are over 25lbs are considered to have overgrown using swings hence should not be put in the swings.

How To Wean Your Baby From The Swing?

Since your baby would have become addicted to the swing, it will be tough for her to adapt to life without the swing. She is likely to demand back her swing as she is going to give you a hard time trying to get her to sleep. Don’t worry that your sleepless episodes might return since you can overcome this by training her to be able to fall asleep on her own by introducing pacifiers or lullabies.

How to wean your baby from the swing

Introducing the baby to sleep in her own crib will also be another way you can use to wean them from baby swings. You can do this by putting the baby in the swing until she sleeps then you transfer her to her crib. It will take time as she needs to get used to her crib.

babies in crib

You can also seek expert coaching strategies that can provide a solution to your baby’s sleeping troubles.

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Swing Too Much?

It is not advisable to put your baby in their swings for a long time. Sleeping for longer periods in baby swings can also lead to SIDS’s since while in the swings, babies fall asleep in sitting positions. This can result in suffocation as it will be difficult for the baby to get enough oxygen in this position.

Why you shouldn’t use the swing too much

Too much time in the swings can also lead to skull deformities and other problems in the future since the baby rests on the back of the skull most of the time. It’s therefore recommended to put babies in their swings for a period of not more than 30 minutes. That’s why it is good to put the baby to sleep on their tummies.

Too much usage of swings also denies the baby the chance to learn how to crawl.


In conclusion, there is no fixed timescale during which your baby can use swings. You should, therefore, be keen on your baby’s development and be keen to stop the usage of baby swing the moment she starts to climb out of them.

You should also ensure that you don’t leave the baby in a swing unattended to for a long time. Avoid putting the baby in a swing on a raised surface like on table tops to avoid accidents.

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