How to Avoid Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy – 9 Very Effective Methods!

A woman deciding to have a child also has to decide to be okay with her breasts being subjected to drastic changes in their shape and size. In fact, it’s during pregnancy and breastfeeding that women experience the most changes in their breasts. Such as darker nipples, tenderness, and sagging of course. The one to stay might be saggy breasts.

But the good news here is how to avoid saggy breasts after pregnancy. If you’re going through this yourself, then I don’t need to tell you that pregnancy is tough. On top of that, embracing post-pregnancy boobs is not as easy as just reading an article and doing what it says. It takes a lot of time, patience, and understanding to accept your body.

The ultimate goal is to feel good in your skin, and most of all, to feel comfortable. At such times, what helped me most was taking little steps every day to bring my state of mind and physical appearance back to their original form. So, in this post, I’ve talked about 9 things you can rely on to prevent your breasts from sagging while breastfeeding.

But Is Sagging Really Unavoidable During Breastfeeding?

Now please breathe a sigh of relief because medical studies have pointed out that breastfeeding and your breast volume/shape getting negatively affected because of that are not linked together.

When you’re pregnant, your breast ligaments tend to stretch as your breasts become heavier and fuller. And it’s due to this stretching that sagging occurs post-pregnancy, irrespective of whether you’re breastfeeding or not. Also, sagging breasts tend to get more prominent with every pregnancy.

There are many factors that may be contributing to this. And some are even inevitable, such as aging. As you age, your skin’s natural elasticity reduces. Then there’s the factor of losing a ton of weight really quickly, hence the loss of skin elasticity and sag.

I know it’s easier said than done but don’t let fear guide your every step, especially during and after pregnancy when you need to take care of your physical and mental health even more. Instead, incorporate some healthy lifestyle decisions into your daily life and you’ll see how effective they are to get back into shape.

9 Methods That Minimize the Sagging Effect of Breasts After Pregnancy

#1 Wear A Supportive Bra

This will always be first simply because a bra can provide an instant and favorable solution to the problem of sagging breasts, pregnant or otherwise. Because what support bras do is keep your heavy breasts from drooping and obeying the law of gravity.

It’s even more important for pregnant women to wear a bra like this. At the same time, choosing the right size also matters because what’s the point when the bra fits poorly and doesn’t support your breast tissue during all kinds of physical activity!

#2 Buy Nursing Bras for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If your breasts have really increased in size because of pregnancy and continue to be so even during breastfeeding, which is normal since your breasts are where all your baby’s milk is stored, then you should consider buying those clip-down nursing bras. Not only do they make the task of breastfeeding easier, but they also support your chest while doing so.

And keep in mind that the size of your regular bra and nursing bra is not the same. The latter, since it has to accommodate larger breasts, has a bigger cup size and smaller band size in comparison to your pre-pregnancy bras.

#3 Time to Get Moving – Exercise Your Chest, Back, and Body Daily

Post-pregnancy, you have all the more reason to not shy away from strength training. Once your doctor says it’s okay to exercise after your baby is born, there’s nothing more effective than weight training when it comes to toning your muscles, even your pectoral i.e. chest muscles.

 But if strength training or conditioning is not your cup of tea, for whatever reason, then you can also incorporate daily yoga into your everyday workout routine. There are plenty of yoga postures for strengthening too that target the pecs. Such as warrior 2, plank, and side plan. Along with chest openers like bow pose, dancer, and supported fish.

So these are some exercises that you can perform on a regular basis to strengthen and perk up your breasts. Even working your back muscles helps when it comes to improving your posture, and that too makes the chest look perkier.

But if strength training or conditioning is not your cup of tea, for whatever reason, then you can also incorporate daily yoga into your everyday workout routine. There are plenty of yoga postures for strengthening too that target the pecs. Such as warrior 2, plank, and side plan. Along with chest openers like bow pose, dancer, and supported fish.

#4 The Importance of Nutrition

If you’re working out regularly, it means you have it in you to discipline your lifestyle. Along the same vein, throw in some healthy nutrition too. I mean you’ve got the discipline for it, so why not! Plus, it’s for a greater cause – perky breasts, flatter tummy, toned glutes and thighs, and an overall healthy heart and body.

A clean, well-balanced diet consists of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. For example, leafy greens, berries, beans, nuts, etc. And when what you’re consuming is packed with nutrients, your skin collagen levels increase, thus making its outermost layer look healthy and plump.

Leafy greens, berries, beans, and nuts are also loaded with antioxidants, which also help improve the skin’s appearance. So you’re taking all measures possible to maintain a clean, healthy diet not just for your baby but also for your breasts and overall health.

And one last thing – your hydration game must also be on point. Because proper hydration on a daily basis improves the natural elasticity of the skin.

#5 Breastfeed Your Baby Comfortably

Nursing comfortably should be priority #1. And by comfortably, I mean not allowing your breasts to stretch out too much. So prop up your baby on the pillow and elevate him/her to a convenient, comfortable height for breastfeeding. Avoid angling your boobs downward or leaning over. You don’t want these daily feedings to encourage droopiness.

#6 Shed All That Pregnancy Weight Slowly

Losing pregnancy weight may be very important for many women, but make it a slow process instead of simply rushing into it and not allowing your body to adjust to the drastic changes. When you lose fat abruptly, excess, loose skin is only inevitable. And this happens particularly around your breasts, so no chances of them bouncing back.

The best approach here is to exercise and eat healthy in moderation for shedding excess weight and toning the muscles in a safe, controlled manner.

#7 Change the Way You Sleep

Try lying down on your back just to take the pressure off your breast ligaments. Even sleeping on the side is highly recommended during pregnancy. Just make sure your bra is supportive enough to keep your boobs from hanging loose.

#8 Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Protect your skin from the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun. And how? By applying sunscreen, preferably broad-spectrum with a higher SPF rating. UV rays, both natural and artificial, tend to have a negative impact on your skin’s elasticity and overall health and appearance.

So stay away as much as you can and apply sunscreen whenever you can’t stay away. This includes your face, neck, breasts, arms, legs, and wherever else required.

#9 Quit Smoking

You may have heard this one before – put out the cigarette when pregnant and breastfeeding. But then you shouldn’t smoke regardless of that because nicotine has the ability to break down elastin. This protein performs the task of recovering your skin after it has stretched out. So your cigarettes are messing with its elastic capabilities.

Final Words

Fallen breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding are not such a serious concern, to be completely honest with you. While it’s true that you can’t reverse natural aging and sagging of your breasts, but you can prevent your boobs from becoming droopy after pregnancy. All you need is a little bit of motivation to follow the steps discussed in this article.

And anyone who tells you otherwise has certainly not tried hard enough, due to the lack of opportunity or willpower – it could be anything. The truth of the matter is that your body may never go back to looking like it did pre-pregnancy but, at the same time, things don’t necessarily have to look droopy, saggy, and unhealthy either.
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