5 Tips On How To Boost Your Baby’s Memory

As parents, we want our little kids to be a healthy and happy baby. Also, all of us hope that he will be a highly intelligent child that can help him succeed later in his life. Hence, once a mom knows that she is pregnant, she tends to do a lot of things like listening to classical music or adding essential nutrients to promote the child’s development.

 Understanding that, today article will provide you with 5 tips on how to boost your baby’s memory. But first, let’s have a look at the brain development of an infant.

One issue that moms often confuse about after giving birth is how to develop his abilities, especially, to empower the memory as nearly 90 percent of the brain foundation will be built during the early years.

Stages of memory development

In fact, their memory starts working once they came to this world and it is never early to apply several methods to enhance your kid’s memory. Before going deeper into advice today, you should understand his stages of brain development to use appropriate ways.

#1. The first 6 months

This period is often considered as recognition memory. During this phase, your little angel can remember your voice, but he will not memorize it at the first time he heard it. When he is two months old, he begins to realize your face and other stuff as the baby sees them daily.

#2. Up to 12 months

Recall memory is the name this phase. When he reaches 6 months, your infant can guess what is going on. To be more specific, when it comes to his nap time, he can remember that ‘Oh, it’s time to take a nap’ and knows that he is going to fall asleep.

#3. Up to 18 months

If you know how to keep memories of your baby, it could be said that this phase is the most exciting one because, at this point, your kid starts speaking many words and reacting to objects. It is also the period of transition to the next phase where the little one could discriminate between the wrong and the right things.

5 tips on how to boost your baby’s memory

Here are the 5 tips for you to enhance the power of your baby memory.

#1. Get the baby into a daily routine

You can apply this method from the very first day since the baby was born. During the first 6 months, your kid begins to form the short memory, so this is a very good opportunity to get your child into a daily routine to develop his brain. For example, you can let him go to sleep at the same time every single day.

#2. Stay away from noisy places

Children are very easy to lose their focus, particularly if they are in noisy places. Hence, make sure that you’re the environment around your living space is free of noise. This has been proven to be effective at improving baby’s memory. Also, a high concentration is the key factor to be a good learner.

#3. Reading

We all know how highly beneficial reading is. Apart from providing people with wide and detailed knowledge, it is a really good way to foster the brain development, especially the memory of a child. Thus, start to make a reading habit even when he is still very young. The easiest approach is reading your child a book before his bedtime.

#4. Memory games

The most popular method that parents use to boost the children’ memory is to let them play memory games which can support the kids in improving their level of concentration as well as enhancing their memory.

There are 2 options for you – academic games at the store and home-made games. If you are afraid that the former is too boring, you can go with latter. A self-made game is simple. For instance, after his playing time, keep telling her that ‘Take your toy and bring it to where you keep your toy, please!’.

#5. Do not let him suffer from a lack of sleep

A lack of sleep will result in harmful effects on the brain of both kids and adults. The obvious one is the tiredness leading to a level of concentration and a weak memory. Hence, ensure that your kid will have a deep sleep and rest enough every time he feels tired.


Hope that you will find ‘5 tips on how to boost your baby’s memory’ useful. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Last, recall to like and share this article with your friends.

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