How to Divorce a Husband Who Refuses to Work?

People decide to quit a marriage due to different reasons. Mainly, the couple finds out they are not compatible anymore and opt to move on apart from each other.

Often family troubles are complemented with a spouse refusing to work. Sometimes, only marriage termination seems to be an appropriate way out. Still, divorcing a husband who won't work may have various consequences which are not always beneficial for you. That is why it is necessary to get prepared to get free from an unemployed husband so that you can reach positive aftermath in the end.

The Choice is Up to You

If your partner refuses to work, filing for cheap divorce in Oregon is not the best suitable variant for everyone. First, it is necessary to determine why your partner is unemployed since it will affect the divorce results if it is your choice in the end:

  • Involuntary unemployment - your partner may be unemployed due to disability, or he used to look after your kids and lost his qualifications, or your husband is applying for several positions a day but hasn’t received any suitable job offer yet. This is when you don’t need to become angry or file for divorce. You’d better come up with solutions together and gain your beloved a relevant job eventually.
  • Voluntary unemployment - still, there are cases when your partner is a couch potato and uses all possible excuses to do everything but work. Moreover, he doesn’t want to do anything around the house. This is when craving for the end of a marriage is a normal reaction. Yet, you can also try out family therapy to deal with the troubles that lie behind your mate’s unwillingness to work before you make your final decision.

Anyway, if you look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘My husband is unemployed and I want a divorce,’ then no one can make you do the opposite. You ought to study the perspectives and set to marriage termination without delay.

Effect on Child Support

You shouldn’t wonder how to leave husband with no job, but make a suitable decision and quit the marriage which isn’t working anymore. On the contrary, if you have kids, a good point to bother about is child support.

It is evident that it is you who will care about the kids and your husband who will deliver the kid support. But how can he make the payments if he has no job? The court will assign the child support payments and all the conditions no matter whether your soon-to-be-ex is employed or not. Still, the amount of kid support will differ. It may be calculated according to the estimated income your partner could have got. Or he may be stipulated to cover the minimum child support according to your state laws.

Your former spouse will be made to process payments on a monthly basis. If he has no job, the payments may be postponed to the time he finally gets employed, and he has to make the payments with interest added. But you won’t wait forever. If your ex doesn’t pay kid support for a long time, he may be fined or imprisoned in the end.

Still, you’d better look for some ways to come to an agreement. Otherwise, what is the point of putting your former partner in jail; it won’t give any financial benefits either to you or your kids.

Unemployment and Alimony

Dealing with unemployment and divorce may be quite a tricky task. You may look for marriage termination so that you can get rid of the burden your non-willing-to-work husband is for you. But the point is that you may be ordered to back him financially even after your marriage is over.

Your unemployed ex has the right to apply for spousal support in any case since your income is higher than his. But the question is whether his inquiry will be approved. It all depends on the circumstances around your ex’s unemployment. For instance, If your spouse was on paternity leave or made an unbeneficial job decision connected due to family issues, the court may assign him with spousal support. You will be commonly stipulated to pay the alimony until your husband regains his qualifications and manages to earn a suitable job.

The Impact on Assets Division

Divorcing a husband who won't work can make a significant hole in your personal budget as a result of assets division. The aftermath greatly depends on your state of residence. If you reside in a community property state, there is little you can do but hand half of your assets to your former spouse, even if he hasn’t committed to your marital property greatly. Equitable distribution states will give you a chance to divide your property fairly. Then the judge will consider the commitment, family roles, and responsibilities of both of you and other circumstances and regulate the division of the assets, respectively.

Final Words

Divorcing an unemployed spouse may be a significant challenge. From his unwillingness to cooperate up to the court’s decisions that may be far from beneficial for you. So, the best option is to try to deal with your family troubles peacefully first. Then, if it doesn’t work, you’d rather hire an experienced attorney so that the divorce changes your life for the better but not the opposite.

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